Did 2012 Make Me Sick?

November 20, 2009 at 2:29 pm

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The short answer?  No.  I thought the movie was pretty entertaining.

In reality, 2012 made history for me.  It was the first time I felt like I was going to be sick and had to LEAVE the theater.  6 days later, I’m still feeling the effects that began that night.  However, the fever and dizzy spells are gone and I’m finally able to get back to being productive.

2012 was almost exactly what I expected.


I knew it was going to be full of giant action sequences filled with destruction and mayhem.  In that respect, the flick didn’t disappoint.  I don’t think this movie will win the Oscar for VFX but it definitely deserves to be nominated.  The destruction looks incredible.  I did have a complaint though.  There are way too many close calls in planes.  We’ve all seen these moments in films.  The plane is about to be engulfed in flames or runs off a cliff and disappears.  Did it make it?  Will it fly?  Of course it does.  This happens 4 separate times in 2012.  3 too many for me.  Just once I’d like to have a plane go off a cliff and disappear.  We would hold on the empty shot and just when you think the plane will return, tilt down and see the flaming wreckage below.  Nice.

What I didn’t expect from the film was the direction it took after the destruction had begun.  There are a lot of really cool science fiction ideas in this story.  Humanity’s fate is actually a pretty realistic one and I’m happy it was believable. (Within the context of the movie of course.)

I’m a big fan of VFX documentaries on DVDs.  This is one I will buy the second it comes out to see how they destroyed the world.  It’s pretty amazing and I’m happy I saw it on the big screen…  Even if I had to leave briefly.

PS: It’s a scary thought thinking you might be sick in front of hundreds of people.  It didn’t happen but the odds didn’t favor me.

XTRA: The Day After Independence Day

The Day After Independence Day

November 10, 2009 at 12:26 pm

The Day After Independence Day | Movie Preview

2012 is about to rock theaters around the world.

Everyone is saying the same thing in regards to director Roland Emmerich…   Again?

To that I would answer…  Why not?


Independence Day is one of the coolest movies I’ve ever seen.  It’s the kind of movie I like to describe as entertaining.  Sounds like a lazy to describe a film but it’s one of the highest compliments I give movies.  Entertaining movies to me are giant events with crazy special effects, monsters, thrills, action and other instances of entertaining craziness.

Some (or many) may disagree but for it’s time it ID4 was pretty impressive.  I’ll admit The Day After Tomorrow wasn’t nearly as fun but it still had it’s moments.  I think my main complaint was the action sequence on the boat with the wolves.  Not sure why they felt they needed to go there.  Also, human beings can’t outrun frost can they?  Just thinking out loud.

XTRA: Top 10 Unanswered Movie Questions

2012 looks like a fun disaster movie to me and I’m planning a matinee of some type after it opens.  Up until now, I’ve heard mixed opinions on the film.  Surprisingly, many I’ve talked to are turned off by John Cusack.  I’ve ignored the cast for the most part.  I’m pumped for the massive amounts of theatrical destruction it promises.  This movie is made for fans of eye candy.  If you’re in it for a touching story and oscar worthy acting, you’ll still be entertained by the massive amounts of destruction but let down by your impossibly high expectations.

Tell me that doesn’t look cool?  Right?  I’ll be there.

Fourth Kind Lacks Scares, I Lack Friends

November 9, 2009 at 5:57 pm


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Before you ask, I do have friends but unfortunately I had no proof today.

I work for a large sports network and sports happen at night.  Therefore, I work mainly evenings.  So during the day when normal human beings are at work, I’m usually home with a lack of social contact.

It’s actually not that bad.  I use the time to write and work on various projects.  (More on that at a later time.)  A lot of the people I hang around with have non-human hours too but everyone was busy this morning.

So I went to the movies by myself.


I’ve been looking forward to seeing The Fourth Kind for a while now.  I’ve written about it a few times already. I think Paranormal Activity may have ruined it for me.  That movie seriously scared the hell out of me in theaters.  The Fourth Kind did not.

Unfortunately, one thing working against the experience was lack of people in the theater.  After all, only LOSERS go to the movies alone on Monday afternoons.  Speaking of which, dear heavy breather behind me… Really?

The first time I saw Paranormal Activity it was in a packed theater and I had an absolute blast.  Oh and for the record, I was with someone at that showing 🙂

Regardless of scares, The Fourth Kind is still a pretty great movie.  I’m a huge fan of aliens, UFOs and other topics covered on Discovery and A&E on a nightly basis.  (I like documentaries.)  I thought the approach was brilliant.  As an editor, I thought they did a fantastic job putting the movie together.  The ‘actual’ footage in particular was extremely well done.  The way they scrambled the video just enough to show you glimpses of super wide jaws and breaking bones.  It’s really creepy to watch and was pretty much the highlight of the movie for me.  Towards the end, there are a couple pretty great moments that were just plain cool.

I read a few reviews and everyone complained that it didn’t seem real.  Hello?  It’s a movie.  If you go in trying to prove otherwise, you’re guaranteed not to like it.  I liked it.  I think this will be a great movie to rent and possibly own down the line.  In fact, I’ll probably buy it for sure if they pack it with special features.

The only aspect of the film I thought was out of place was some religious references towards the end.  I’m all for the references but they seemed to come out of no where.  Some people may not make the connection but they’re in there.  It’s an interesting thought but they should have at least established it earlier in the movie.

Lets get back to the most important issue here.  Do I feel comfortable going to the movies by myself?  The truth is, I do it all the time.  Ironically my friends make fun of me for it.  The theater is 2 blocks away from work.  Why not?  It’s perfect!