10 Flicks: Movies I Own That I’ve Never Seen

April 22, 2010 at 12:31 pm

10 Flicks Movie Lists: Movies With Awesome Training Scenes

Scattered throughout my DVD collection are 43 movies I’ve never seen.

I was trying to find something to watch during lunch the other day and decided it was time to shrink that number to zero.

I’ve made it my mission to be able to confidently claim that I’ve seen every single movie I own.

Today, I’d like to list the top 10 movies I own but haven’t seen yet.

I’m also going Tarantino with this post as it will feature TWO narratives.  Along with 10 movies you’ll also find the top 10 reasons why I own them in the first place.  It’s a creative way to get around the fact that I can’t write about movies I’ve never seen.

Mystery Alaska


Future Shop and Best Buy cheap bins can be very attractive to a movie collector.



Package deals.  The big electronic stores sometimes bundle a new release with another movie from the same filmmaker.  98% of those movies I’ve never even heard of let alone watched.

We Own The Night

we own the night

Curiosity plays a big part.  Renting movies costs an average of 4 dollars.  Why not spend a couple extra bucks and just buy a used copy?  I may have an addiction.

The Iron Giant


I can’t be the only one who buys movies simply to watch the special features.  I own a bunch of DVDs with great special features but I still haven’t found the time to watch the entire film.

Funny People

Funny People Movie

Blockbuster deals! 2 for 20, 3 for 30, Buy 2 get 1 free.  I can’t resist the deals but there are times when I can’t decide what to get so I’ll throw in a calculated risk here and there.  Sometimes it pays off…  Sometimes it doesn’t.

Days Of Thunder


I used to be addicted to eBay.  I would log on and look for people selling 20 or 30 movies at a time.  I probably won about 4 or 5 of those auctions.  There was bound to be a few I hadn’t seen in those collections.


Chinatown Movie

I’m the first to admit there are movies I’ve purchased solely on the fact that they are well known and critically acclaimed.

Public Enemies

Public Enemies

Sometimes, a new release comes out that looks like a guaranteed top shelf contender.  This can backfire sometimes if the movie turns out to be a dud.  It doesn’t happen often but it’s possible.

American Beauty

american beauty

I’m the easiest person to shop for.  I enjoy movies.  Buy me movies.  I almost feel worse for not watching a movie that was a birthday or christmas present.  That’s why I’ve embarked on this mission!

The Shining

shining movie jack nicholson

In some cases I was given hand-me-down DVDs because my business partner tends to re-buy the newest ultimate feature backed collector edition… box sets.  Thanks buddy.

10 Flicks: Movies I Own That I've Never Seen

What about the other 30 or so? 

Many are horror movies and comedies.  Many people would classify them in the ‘B’ category but I have a special appreciation for them as well.  I just haven’t had a chance to watch them yet! 

Any movies in YOUR collection you haven’t gotten to yet?

All Time Best: Movie Henchmen

April 19, 2010 at 5:06 pm

All Time Best Movie Moments

Many evil geniuses and villains in movies have henchmen.

It’s a necessity.

Criminal mastermind’s rely on them to carry out their evil schemes and villainous plots.  For the most part, it never works out but sometimes, a henchman rises above the others and establishes himself as a loyal and trustworthy follower.

Today, I’d like to talk about group of henchmen and the one man who rose above them all in not one but 2 movies.

I’m referring to The Shredder’s band of ninja warriors and the all time best movie henchman:


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tatsu

Tatsu is a big reason why the Ninja Turtle movies are classics.  He’s awesome in these movies.

Easily the toughest member of The Foot Clan.  The smug ninja is constantly grunting orders (literally) and making sure The Shredder’s wishes are carried out.

It’s just a shame he runs into Casey Jones.

Honestly, he really was beating the crap out of him.  If it wasn’t for that damn 9 iron…

Regardless, Tatsu survives to play a part in the sequel and has so many memorable moments.

The all time best movie henchmen: Tatsu.

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Kick-Ass Is Surprisingly… Good

April 19, 2010 at 9:38 am


The Athletic Nerd Movie Reviews

I’m curious how many people wrote headlines like:

Kick-Ass, kicked ass…

I refuse to come up with a kick-ass headline but I can tell you that the movie was pretty entertaining.


First off, it’s a great idea.  Why hasn’t anyone tried yet?  I’ve thought about it.

What I liked about the movie is how it was grounded in reality without taking itself too seriously.  Watching him get beaten down in the first hour or so was fantastic.  You always expect a superhero to be a perfect fighter right off the bat.  Kick-Ass isn’t a perfect fighter…

Apparently, an 11 year old girl is.

There has been a lot of talk about how a remorseless 11 year old can brutally kill about 40 bad guys.  Personally, it’s a little strange the first time we see her double bladed staff plunged through 8 people’s chests.  After that I was impressed at how well the actress handled the fight choreography.  It’s pretty impressive.

After the movie, my friend and I were talking about whether audiences would respond to her violent actions.  My answer?  Why not?  Her back story is pretty clear.  It’s not like the first half of the movie portrays a quiet violence fearing little girl and then for no reason starts waving switch blades around.  She’s ruthless from the beginning.  It’s a part of the story.  It’s based on a comic book after all.

Here is a perfect example of the debate this movie caused:

Harry Knowles vs Roger Ebert

I recommend reading this and Ebert’s review.

As for Kick-Ass.  It’s a decent comic book movie that would be perfect to rent on DVD.  I wouldn’t rush people into theaters but I wouldn’t want them to skip it altogether either.


Playing Through Wins Silver Ace Award!

April 16, 2010 at 11:47 am

Playing Through Short Film 17 West Productions

Today is a good day.  Playing Through has won another award!

This time we have been given a Silver Ace Award from the 2010 Las Vegas Film Festival.

This is our second award after the Gold Kahuna Award for Excellence in Filmmaking at the 2010 Honolulu International Film Festival.

The short film was released by 17 West Productions last July.

Check out the trailer for the film below!