All Time Best: Horribly Awesome Movie Costume

October 31, 2011 at 10:28 am

All Time Best: Horribly Awesome Movie Costume | Movie Blog | Goro Mortal Kombat Movie


This all time best post is dedicated to the absolutely amazing costumes and special make up that people love…  And make fun of.  The really cheesy costumes that made us laugh out loud but readily accept regardless.

To me, the champ is from the original Mortal Kombat movie…


The first time I saw Goro on screen it blew my mind.  I was the kid who played ‘Mortal Kombat’ with friends and used tennis balls as ‘ice’ when I was Sub-Zero.  Mortal Kombat was literally the first 14A movie I saw in theaters by myself and I was NOT 14.  I was terrified as we purchased our tickets that day.  All I could think about was being the one person who got caught and had to miss the fatalities.

Thankfully, I didn’t and I got to see the 4 armed general of Outworld and Prince of the subterranean realm of Shokan!

All Time Best: Horribly Awesome Movie Costume | Movie Blog | Goro Mortal Kombat Movie

You have to admit, that costume is equal parts cheese and awesome.  A balance that was almost shattered the first time you see him move around and speak.  (Fun Fact: The character is voiced by Frank Welker who also provided the voices of Shao ‘I’ve come for your souls’ Kahn and Reptile)

Goro is a perfect example of a love letter to fans.  Today, I’m sure they would have mo-capped the hell out of the character and sculpted him in CG.  I like to think that creating Goro was the one thing everyone involved with the film was looking forward to the most.  He was the main event for me (besides Sub Zero of course) and I couldn’t believe how they managed to create such a hilarious yet badass character on screen.

All Time Best: Horribly Awesome Movie Costume | Movie Blog | Goro Mortal Kombat Movie

And so this post is a tribute to Goro…  Man that’s a ridiculously large torso.

Doesn’t it sound like he mumbles “Mom” before he falls off that cliff?

“This is where you fall down.”

Plus how pathetic are those two guys cheering on Goro against Cage?  Really fellas?

10 Flicks: Horror Movies With Great Stories

October 27, 2011 at 7:03 am

10 Flicks: Horror Movies With Great Stories

I love horror films. There’s nothing like genuinely being scared at the movies.

It’s like riding on a roller coaster: You’re terrified to ride it but in the end you’re always happy you did.

Note: Except the rides that spin. Those shouldn’t exist.

Many non horror fans complain that most horror films are too gory or pointless. That the stories are never good. They say that characters only exist so the killer can fold them in half.

I agree that some horror films are like that.  They simply don’t give you a chance to connect to the characters before they meet their gruesome end. Stories merely exist to get you from one kill to the next.

However, there are fantastic horror movies out there that have incredible stories to back up the thrills. That’s why this post exists.

Here are my top 10 horror movies with great stories:

The Ring

10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

Every once in a while a movie comes along and does things differently.  There are so many ‘messed up demon kid’ stories out there. (Some are classics)  The Ring came along and put a modern spin on it and scared the crap out of me. Something about that horse going crazy still gives me the creeps.


10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

You can’t make a list like this and not include one of the greatest horror stories of all time. I saw this movie for the first time in college simply because I avoided it until then.  Needless to say, it still terrified me but it was the story that resonated…  Okay I’ll admit that girls messed up face did as well.

The Shining

10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

So many people adore this film.  Horror fans especially.  How can you not be pulled into a story featuring a crazy Jack Nicholson and made by the legendary Stanley Kubrick?


10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

Alien is a phenomenon.  Those acid filled jerks have terrified millions of people for years and inspired so many films since it’s release.  Alien made the list for pairing a great story with one of the scariest creature designs in movie history.


10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

When I was asking around for people’s ideas on this list, many turned their noses up at Scream.  I think they’ve blended all three together in one film.  I told all of them to think about how much fun it was to watch the original for the first time. I didn’t know who the killer would be.  Did you?  The mystery was also wrapped up in countless movie references and nods.  Scream deserves to be on this list.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

This movie stuck with me long after I left the theater. Films that deal with this subject have always fascinated me and this one stood out because of it’s court room premise.  It’s a horror movie but also a drama that forces you to choose who you believe.  Audience participation in a horror film.  Genius.   Also, when she speaks as 6 different people at once I almost cried.  Just saying.

Silence Of The Lambs

10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

Arguably the best film on this list with Uncle Oscar backing it up.  Who knew delving into the mind of a psychopathic killer would be so much fun.  It’s truly fascinating to watch the exchanges between Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster on screen.  They are filled with intensity and fuel the horrifying scenes to come.   Brilliant flick.


10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

I’ll be honest.  When I made this list, I completely forgot about Jaws and then kicked myself for my lack of respect for one of the greatest movies ever made.  People who haven’t even seen the movie are afraid of it.  That’s how powerful the story is.  Thankfully, I smartened up before posting and avoided any hate mail it may have caused.


10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

The moment the big ‘twist’ is revealed my face dropped and I actually yelled “What!” in the theater. Normally that’s rude but people around me were just as shocked.  All of the sudden the death traps, gore and mayhem meant more than just the usual ‘horror candy’ we love.  This movie is on this list purely because of how much fun I had watching it and learning about Jigsaw’s world.

The Sixth Sense

10 Flicks: Horror movies with great stories

Speaking of incredible twist endings.  This film was ruined for me and yet I was still captivated by the story. It’s a shame that M. Night Shyamalan is too afraid of being type cast as I would gladly welcome his talent back into the genre.  He’s not making too many friends in the other genres anyways.  Come back Night!

10 Flicks Movie Lists

Wouldnt It Be Awesome If Paranormal Activity 4 Was About…

October 25, 2011 at 7:54 am

Wouldn't It Be Awesome If Paranormal Activity 4 Was About... | Movie Blog



Paranormal Activity 3 scored the highest opening weekend in the fall AND highest of any pure horror film… EVER. So after netting 54 million dollars, its safe to assume that we haven’t seen the last of Katie, Team Grandma and… ahem… Toby.

So whats in store for Paranormal Activity 4

Lets start at the beginning…


The first film showed us the chilling footage of a demon terrorizing Katie and her man Micah. The film was packed with scares but thin on story giving us little details on what started the paranormal events. In the end, the only answers we knew for sure was that it was a demon attached to Katie and it had something to do with her past. Ultimately, the demon takes over Katie spelling doom for poor Micah.

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The sequel/prequel introduced us to Katie’s sister Kristi and her family. In the film we learn that both girls have experienced activity before and the whole thing was related to their grandmother. Unfortunately, rampaging Demon Katie arrives to claim what the demon is after. Kristi’s son Hunter.

Note: Is wealth really worth an invisible demon with hooves who enjoys slamming doors shut and roaming under sheets?

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The third film brought us back to 1988 when Katie Kristi were children. Were introduced to Toby, Kristi’s imaginary friend who also happens to be the evil entity responsible for keeping me up at night on numerous occasions. The demons mission appears to be straight forward. It will scare the crap out of everyone in the home until they head to… GRANDMAS HOUSE!

This reveals a lot more as we meet an entire team of elderly women who are seemingly obsessed with cults and sadistic rituals.

NOTE: Don’t these people have neighbors

NOTE #2: On nights when their isn’t a need to summon evil spirits do you think they play cribbage together?

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XTRA | Find out what I thought Paranormal Activity 3 would be about…


What we know…

  • Katie Kristi’s grandmother and her friends are pretty much responsible for everything.
  • Toby was after Hunter and he succeeded after possessing Katie. Hunter Katie/Toby = MIA
  • Ali survived.

What we don’t know…

  • What happened to young Katie Kristi?
  • What has the grandmother been up to since then?
  • Who are the other old women and whats up with their families?
  • What do those symbols mean?
  • Whats happening with Hunter and Katie?

What we don’t need to know…

  • I don’t need an explanation for Toby. Whatever it is, its evil and that’s enough for me. I don’t want to to know what it looks like or where it came from. What matters is that its invisible and every time its around I have a panic attack.


When I speculated on what Paranormal Activity 3 would be about I figured Ali would be searching for Hunter and stumble across tapes from Katie & Kristi’s past. (Or at least some hint that sends her on a path to more Toby terror) I’m essentially recycling this idea again. I think that the fourth film could go back and forth between 1988 and the present.

I think it will all lead up Ali discovering the old woman’s secrets and the meaning behind the symbols and rituals. I think her search will seriously piss off Toby who will probably slam some doors and drag her around a bit. In the end, her search will lead her to Hunters location and a face off with Katie and Grandma.

Part of me likes the idea that the other old women have families that were affected as well. Perhaps one of them has a strapping young grandson about Alis age who is a budding filmmaker? (Too easy?) I still have questions about the past regarding the old women and how they got together in the first place. Regardless, I think its time we found out what happened after Katie pulverized her way through that house and stole Hunter. The demon didn’t get its hands on the infant, walk outside the house and mumble:

What now?

They went somewhere… To Grandmas house perhaps?

One thing that confuses me is how the Grandmother would react if she learned of Hunter and Katie’s disappearance. (Would she be relieved that the price was paid? Was it even paid?) She didn’t seem too concerned about the consequences after the events of the third film. Was she possessed too? The thing is, at the end, Toby is clearly not inhabiting her body so are there multiple Tobys? Whats her end game or is she just an evil entity’s slave?

If the Grandmother is in fact, dead in the present. That opens up a whole new batch of options… If tha’ts the case, I still want Ali to find her house and the secrets within.

What I love about this series is the little bits of information you get in each one. The Paranormal Activity films are about the fun of watching horror films. So the fourth installment better raise the bar to new heights. The fan cam in particular was a fantastic addition to the franchise and I’m hoping for more creative filming techniques to keep the found footage theme alive. Everyone keeps expecting the style of the films to change but why bother? Its working isn’t it? Bring on the found footage!?

We wont get any definitive answers for a while but I’m assuming well hear an announcement soon.

Until then, what do you think Paranormal Activity 4 will be about?

Movies That Scarred Me For Life: The Complete 12 Part Series

October 25, 2011 at 6:09 am

Movies That Scarred Me For Life: The Complete Series | Movie Blog

I don’t think there is a movie fan on the planet that doesn’t have a list like this. Movies that scarred you for life. Most people immediately think of the horror movies that kept them up at night. I’m sure statistically, horror movies make up 90% of the films that send chills up your spine when you think about them. This series was always about more than just horror films. Even Disney movies can have a lasting affect on you for all the wrong reasons. Beyond that, there are also the movies that absolutely disappoint you so much that you can’t bare to watch them again. Movies that literally anger you because you expected so much more.

Combined, this series looked at everything from Spiders to bad sequels.

Check out the entire ‘Movies That Scarred Me For Life’ Series below and be sure to comment. What movies have haunted you?

The Prologue: Polkaroo is scary too!

Black Robe


My Life

Event Horizon

Ernest Scared Stupid

Paranormal Activity

Dumb & Dumberer




The Little Mermaid

The Human Centipede

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All Time Best: Jumpy Movie Moment

October 24, 2011 at 6:15 am

All Time Best: Jumpy Movie Moment | Best Horror Movie Scares | Movie Blog


Horror fans line up for the scares.  It’s all about the thrill of gripping your seat and holding your breath before the big Ahhhhh!  Horror movies live and die by their ability to deliver moments that make your heart race. When they don’t, it can lead to a pretty boring experience especially if the story isn’t stellar.  It’s like watching a comedy and waving as every single joke flies over your head and into a trash can.

In the past, I’ve examined the All Time Best: Scariest Movie Scene.  For me, the ‘hell’ sequence from Event Horizon was absolutely terrifying but there is a big difference between terrifying and jumpy.

This post is all about slashers who jump out from behind a door.  Ghosts that appear behind you while you stare into a mirror.  Monsters that burst back to life.

Much like the first reveal of the creatures in 2005’s The Descent.  When that night vision camera reveals one of the beasts for the first time, I jumped out of my seat.  Well done Neil Marshall, well done.  (It’s a little disappointing that the shot is included in the trailer though.)

Trying to narrow it down to one single scare is extremely difficult but there is ONE I couldn’t erase from my mind.  So, the winner of the award for the All Time Best Jumpy Movie Moment?


All Time Best: Jumpy Movie Moment | Best Horror Movie Scares | Movie Blog

When Mills and Sommerset enter this gruesome scene all you can think about is the amount of incredible pain and suffering this man went through.  The genius of the film is that the man is evil himself and morality enters the equation.  Seven deadly sins.  The setup is perfect as a cop leans in and whispers ‘You got what you deserved’…


All Time Best: Jumpy Movie Moment | Best Horror Movie Scares | Movie Blog

I love horror films and I’ve never jumped higher.  It’s a record that may never be broken but I still hoping it will someday.  Bring on the jumps! Seven is one of my favorite movies because of the story but it’s legendary because of moments like these.  That and the absolutely incredible ending.

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