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The Athletic Nerd is a blog  about movies, screenwriting & independent film.

This isn’t another movie news blog.  Articles on The Athletic Nerd are focused on the movies we love and every ounce of passion that goes into producing your own films.  It’s my goal to create a unique balance between the films we adore and the movies we are committed to creating.  I do this by regularly writing about the biggest Hollywood blockbusters while showcasing independent film projects from around the world.

I’m a professional editor with 7 years experience working in professional sports broadcasting.  I’m addicted to my career.  I’m also an aspiring screenwriter with an allegiance to the craft that goes way deeper than a relentless need to create.  To me, screenwriting is stress relief but also a source of guilt because, sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to write.

Screenwriting vs Anxiety: My Last Line of Defense

I’m also a big fan of short films and produced a few of my own over the years.  It’s been a while but I know the rush you feel on your own set and I have the utmost respect for those who strive to create their own films.  To me, there’s nothing more inspiring than tales of the passion and dedication it takes to create a movie.  Do you have a short film you’d like to promote?  Check out The Post.  (Note: I don’t review submissions)

When it comes to movies, I regularly write reviews that delve into the experience rather than simply my thoughts on the story.  You’ll also find Movie Countdowns and stories that shaped the film fan I am today.

If you have any comments or suggestions email me at jason@theathleticnerd.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @17west.

Advertising info available upon request.  

I am not accepting guest posts at this time.

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