Discover Great Short Films With FLIPBOARD & TWITTER

February 11, 2013 at 10:04 am

Discover Great Short Films With FLIPBOARD & TWITTER


Every time I publish a new edition of The Post, I become more and more addicted to short films.  There are literally endless stories out there waiting to be discovered and shared.  Many of the films I’ve featured on this site in the past have been submitted by the filmmakers.  But I find many of them online as well.

A while back, I published ‘Have you watched a short film today?‘ which is full of great websites that promote short films.  You’ll find plenty of short films there but today, I’d like to point out another fantastic resource.


For those who are unaware, Flipboard is an app you can download on your mobile device that organizes news feeds like a magazine.  Here is what The Athletic Nerd looks like on Flipboard:

Discover Great Short Films With FLIPBOARD & TWITTER

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I have Flipboard on my iPhone and my iPad and I use it almost everyday.  Over the last few months, it’s become my favorite place to discover new short films.  Flipboard is deeply integrated with Twitter and has an awesome feature you may have missed:


Here’s how you can use Flipboard to watch short films:

  1. Log into Twitter and search ‘Short Films’ or ‘#shortfilm’ etc…
  2. Save the search
  3. Open up Flipboard, navigate to ‘accounts’ then Twitter.
  4. Add your saved searches to your board.

Discover Great Short Films With FLIPBOARD & TWITTER

Now you’ve got a steadily updating stream of short films you can watch from inside the app!  At least once or twice a week, I wake up and watch short films on my iPad.

I love that the short films you find are normally promoted by the filmmakers themselves.  It gives you instant access to more information about the short films you liked.  Many profiles include websites, trailers & artwork.  It’s just another way to support independent filmmakers around the world.  Check out their websites.  Let them know what you thought of their movie!  Watch more short films!

How do you discover short films?

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Discover Great Short Films With FLIPBOARD & TWITTER | iPad