Producing A Short Film: Making The Climb

June 11, 2010 at 8:46 am

Producing Short Films

When I directed Playing Through, I was constantly updating a diary that detailed every single aspect of the entire production.

I wanted to change things up for The Climb.

Instead of describing the entire weekend shoot in long drawn out posts, I decided to focus more on the main story lines of our shoot and keep things a little lighter.

Much like I did with the Pre-Production process, here is a recap of how we filmed, The Climb.

  1. That’s A Wrap!
  2. How The Weather Almost Killed Our Short Film
  3. A Computer, Some Footage And Me
  4. The Climb’s Photo Album Is On Facebook
  5. Destiny’s Tattoos
  6. I Don’t Like To Hold The Camera
  7. Rushing To Capture Footage
  8. I Dislike People Who Honk During Filming
  9. The Budget
  10. Can’t Complain About Early Call Times
  11. Technical Specs
  12. Directing Short Films: Playing Through vs The Climb

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