The Climb: Designing the Tattoos

March 4, 2010 at 5:35 pm

The Climb Short Film

This week, we finally got started designing one of the most important elements of the film:

Destiny’s facial tattoos.

Without giving too much away I can tell you that the story behind the ink on her cheeks is a vital part of the story.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Alex Rotundo on nearly all of our short films and this one is no different. Once again she brings her design eye and remarkable artistic ability to our team.

We spent a couple hours going over what I’m looking for in the end and poured over images and sketches of the overall style and significance of the tattoo.

We also spent some time with the script and found a bunch of important references we will be incorporating into the final design.

Equipped with all of that information, Alex now has time to develop a killer design for lead actress Alyssa LaPlume to have in the film.

The next step involves approving the final design and completing our first officially make-up test tentatively scheduled for mid April.

I’m so excited to see her in full make-up.

We are now getting extremely close to wrapping up pre-production on the film and rolling the cameras.

Expect about a miilion updates as the production progresses.