TILT Interview Part 1: The Movie

September 14, 2010 at 9:39 am

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I’ve been a part of Twitter for nearly 2 years now and I’ve encountered a lot of filmmakers and passionate movie fans.

When I first began searching for and following film people on Twitter, Phil Holbrook (@philontilt) came up a lot.  One day, one of his tweets mentioned entries for a film festival he runs in Brainerd, Minnesota called EgoFest.  I contacted him about entering Playing Through and I’ve been following his feed ever since.

In addition to having thousands of followers and his own film festival, Phil is also an independent filmmaker and I spoke to him recently about his upcoming feature film and much much more…

Part 1: The Movie


Like many (or nearly all) independent filmmakers out there, Phil began with short films.  His love of the medium eventually led to the creation of EgoFest.

“I thought I could encourage people to go out there and create by starting a short film festival in my hometown.  Not only are local filmmakers submitting but also films from around the country.  It’s been a really great experience.” says Holbrook.

Now, Phil is ready to tackle his first feature film which is set to start production this fall.

“Tilt is about a father and daughter who aren’t very close and when a tragedy occurs, we get to see how they deal with it in their own ways.  Tilt is about revenge & forgiveness, betrayal & redemption and second chances.  Small town style.”

The small town in question is of course Brainerd, the director’s home town.

“Brainerd is a tourist community.  The area is beautiful, with lakes and nature everywhere.  There are also some historical landmarks in the town as well.  We will be incorporating these elements into the film to achieve what should be some very visually appealing photography as well as give a glimpse into the life of a small town.”

I’m always interested to learn more about what inspires filmmakers and  in this case, the director credits a dream he had many years ago.

“It was more of a nightmare.  My daughter was about one at the time and I woke up in the middle of the night, terrified.  I hopped out of bed to check on her and then wrote down what I could remember before it faded away.”

Read more about the birth of Tilt here.

Since that day, Tilt has been on a pretty interesting ride on it’s way to production. It’s a journey that begins on Twitter where Phil met the talented screenwriting duo Julie Keck & Jessica King. (@kingisafink) The pair went on to write Tilt’s screenplay for Phil.

From there the film began it’s incredibly succesful Kickstarter campaign where they raised over 15 thousand dollars.

In Part 2 of this interview, we’ll go into detail with Phil, Julie and Jessica about the unique challenges they faced while writing Tilt.

Later in Part 3, we’ll go in depth with the filmmakers about their innovative Kickstarter campaign and the benefits of using Twitter to build a community around your film.

Check out the film’s blog here for more on the production.