Why the iPad 2 is the Center of my Creative Universe!

March 7, 2012 at 9:16 am

iPad, iPad 2 review screenwriting, filmmaking, blogging, movies, indieTwo years ago, I got my iPhone and it instantly tripled my productivity by allowing me to keep up to date on my screenwriting and blogging.  I could write anywhere I wanted and I did.  Being able to craft blog posts while riding a subway actually had me looking forward to my journey to work each day.  For the last few months, I’ve been working really hard on a ton of projects in order to begin 2012 with a clean slate.  So far, it’s looking like I’ll be able to hit my deadlines and I have my iPad 2 to thank for that.


I’ve had my iPad for a little over a month now and in that time, I’ve accomplished a ton.

  • -The Athletic Nerd has a whole new design with brand new content created on the much easier WordPress for iPad app.
  • -I’ve finished all the work leading up to the launch of my brand new blog which will be online later this week.
  • -I finished editing my short film thanks to notes and shot lists I created using Apple’s Pages app.
  • -I’ve also been using Pages to create outlines and breakdowns for a number of projects I’m hoping to begin next year.
  • -I’ve written 3 brand new short screenplays during my breaks at work thanks to the awesome Celtx screenwriting app.

Check out my full review of the Celtx app here.

  • -I’ve grown accustomed to using Flipboard, Twitter, Facebook and more to increase my social reach online which helps boost traffic.
  • -A full browser experience has helped me stay up to date on all the movie news that inspires me on a daily basis.

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I’ve only had the device for a month and it’s changed everything.  Let’s face it, being able to read my daily news, post a new article online and revise a new screenplay before I get out of bed each morning is a nice touch.  There are a million tiny reasons why the iPad 2 is amazing but for me, it all boils down to productivity.

My biggest fear before I purchased my iPad 2 was whether or not typing would hinder me.  I’m happy to report that after a slight adjustment period, I’m firing out posts at a decent pace and hammering out new screenplay pages.  The iPad is fast, convenient (not too mention cool) and integrated easily into my life.  From a filmmaking perspective, the iPad has a number of amazing tools I plan to take advantage of whenever I begin my next project.  Until then, I’ve been having a ton of fun messing around with iMovie, the iPad’s camera and my dog.  But beyond that there are apps for every aspect of production.

Filmmaker IQ has a great rundown of 22 fantastic apps for filmmaker.

Stick figures still count for those of us who can’t draw but still need to create storyboard.

The Athletic Nerd Screenwriting Blog

When I started discussing the need for an iPad, many people (myself included) wondered if it was just a big iPhone.  I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely true and it’s wonderful in every way.  The iPhone is still my number one source of communication but when it comes to creative outbursts, I now have a tool that has everything I need to express my thoughts and share my work.

I’ve already compiled an album of graphics and posters I’ve created.  Soon, I’ll have all my movies & trailers loaded into the device to show people.  Presentations, demonstrations and conceptual meetings will never be the same again.  Indeed, it’s only been a month but my iPad 2 has taken a firm grip on my creative routine and enhanced every aspect of it in the process.  Sometimes, you just don’t have enough time at home to finish everything you had hoped to accomplish that day.  With the iPad, I’ve been able to sneak in more and more work on road trips, breaks and any other moments when inspiration strikes.

It has truly become the center of my screenwriting, filmmaking and blogging universe.

This post was written on my iPad.