10 Flicks: Alien Weaknesses

March 22, 2011 at 11:28 am

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Thousands of Aliens have invaded big screens around the world.  There are countless stories of vicious species determined to kill us but also lovable beings that touched our hearts.

Regardless, there is always someone who wants to take them out.  Most of the time, humans call in the big guns, tanks and jets to do the dirty work but there are instances when guns aren’t the answer.

Sometimes, the key to everything lies in a very simple and unexpected solution.  However, it’s important to remember that not all Aliens are evil.  Who would want to use E.T’s home sickness against him?  That’s mean.

Here are 10 of the best Alien weaknesses.

Space Jam

Sometimes, defeating Aliens is just a matter of challenging them to competitive game of basketball and recruiting his royal Airness. (Oh and Bill Murray too.)

Pitch Black

What are the odds that a prisoner who can only see in the dark finds himself on a planet with horrible monsters who only come out at night?  Furthermore, what are the odds this prisoner would find himself on this planet juuuuuuust when a solar eclipse goes down?  Bring on the light.

Mars Attacks

These fierce Martians are no match for the Indian Love Call.

War of the Worlds

Like Signs, I feel like this species should have done more research before invading our planet.  You have to do your research!

Men In Black 2: Ballchinian

It’s bad enough getting kicked in the groin but getting chin punched in the ball throat?  Now THAT’S a weakness.

Spider-Man 3: Venom

The space goop’s only weakness lies high on the decibel meter.  Bells, gongs and other loud noises work nicely.  In this case, a series of metal pipes arranged in a circular xylophone type formation.

Home Sickness

He just wants to go home!


These Aliens were taking one hell of a risk invading Earth to harvest us.  I don’t know if they noticed but there is a lot of water here.

Independence Day
Computer Virus

Technologically advanced Alien civilizations have no answer for Jeff Goldblum’s quick thinking and hacking skills.


Arguably the most famous fictional Alien of all time is seemingly invincible except for a certain green rock.

Perhaps Alien strengths will be the next list…