10 Flicks: Great Action. Great Stories

May 24, 2011 at 7:33 am

10 Flicks: Great Action. Great Stories | Top 10 Action Movies With Great Stories | Movie Blog

Nothing beats a good action movie when the mood strikes and we all have our favorites.  A quick Google search revealed tons of ‘best action movies ever’ lists.  Obviously, there are classics that appear on many lists but it always depends on the fan.

It’s not enough for a film to be crammed with wall to wall explosions and fights for me.  The action has to drive a good story with characters we care about.  What good is a shootout if you don’t care who wins?

So while there are countless lists like this out there, action fans will agree that there is always time for a collection of fantastic action trailers!

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Die Hard


Kill Bill Volume 1&2

Terminator 2


True Lies


Raiders Of The Lost Ark

The Matrix

The Dark Knight