10 Flicks: Short Films That Inspired Me

November 5, 2010 at 8:57 am

10 Flicks: Short Films That Inspired Me

The other day, I was working on some new graphics and my research led me to Blur Studios home page.

Blur is an animation company that has produced some of my favorite short films of all time.  It got me thinking about other shorts that inspired me along the way.

So I brought a few up on You Tube.

The Results:

Here are 10 entertaining and original films that I’ve gone back to again and again over the years.

I really wish I could animate… or draw.

In The Rough

Killer Bean 2.1

Alive In Joberg



Cane Toad

Summoner Geeks


Panic Attack


Have a short film to recommend?  By all means, comment and let me know!

PS: Moral of the story?  I get distracted easily.