10 Awesome Movies Like Looper

February 7, 2013 at 9:49 am

10 Movies Like Looper | Looper 2012


Looper was one of my favorite movies of 2012.  I absolutely loved it.  It was such a great take on the familiar Time Travel genre.  Director Rian Johnson did a remarkable job creating a fascinating character driven tale.  If you haven’t seen Looper ignore the other films on this list and watch it immediately!  But then watch the other ones anyways.

I don’t think movies like Looper have to incorporate Time Travel though many do.  I associate Looper with many intimate science fiction tales with BIG ideas.  These movies take a much smaller approach to science fiction.  I suppose the opposite end of the spectrum is home to movies like Star Wars, The Matrix, Inception, Pacific Rim, Back to the Future etc…

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Science Fiction Element: Aliens/Monsters

Monsters is the very definition of big ideas with intimate approaches.  Monsters is very much about aliens on our world but the real focus is on it’s two main characters.

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Science Fiction Element: Time Travel

To me, Frequency is one of those movies I could watch any time.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the film.


Science Fiction Element: Time Travel

Once you get your head wrapped around the technology behind this movie, you’ll start wondering whether it’s really possible.


Science Fiction Element: Aliens/Monsters

A marketing campaign that captivated movie bloggers world wide.  What does the Cloverfield monster look like!  It’s a question that made the wait that much more satisfying when I finally saw the movie.


Science Fiction Element: Super Powers

Found footage.  Check.  Strange powers.  Check.  Somehow, Chronicle manages to shed it’s familiar plot devices and tell a touching and painful story about power.

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Science Fiction Element: (Can’t ruin movie)

The story of a man who works alone on the moon is definitely worth a look.  More of a psychological dissection than any other on this list.  Fantastic movie.


Science Fiction Element: Time Travel

Before The Matrix came along, this was the penultimate ‘Whoa’ movie.  To this day I pick up something new whenever I watch it.


Science Fiction Element: Time Travel

I’d put Source Code right next to Frequency.  Director Duncan Jones created a phenomenal follow up to the highly entertaining Moon.  They’re both entertaining and thought provoking though I’d give the edge to Source Code.

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Science Fiction Element: Aliens/Monsters

Aliens as refugees.  When I saw the trailer for the first time I was blown away.  It was one of those awesome trailers that didn’t spoil the movie.  In fact, District 9 far exceeded it’s trailer’s ambitious promise.  I can’t wait to see Director Neill Blomkamp’ follow up Elysium.


Science Fiction Element: Aliens/Monsters

Super 8 was my favorite movie of 2011.  Like the kids in the film, I grew up at that time making movies with my friends.  Super 8 captured my imagination like no other film in 2011.  I loved it.

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