2009′s All Time Top 5 Movies

December 22, 2009 at 12:05 am

I have a very different system of reviewing movies than most.  It’s based on a number of factors but I’ve come up with a list that sums things up nicely.

The Filmmaker’s Intentions – What did they set out to make?  It’s not fair to bash an action movie if you don’t like action movies is it?  If they set out to make a fun action movie then that’s how I base my opinion.

The Entertainment Factor – Shocking twists, action sequences, tears, drama, laughs.

The Story – I’m all about story.  Love good stories.

The Overall Experience – Going to the movies is supposed to be fun.  Disappointing movies feel like a waste of time but some movies leave you with a satisfied smile on your face.

The Lasting Appeal – Movies we love stay with us forever.  If I’m still thinking about a movie the next day, it scores high in this category.

No Scores – I don’t give ratings or stars.  I make my recommendations based on who I’m talking to and what type of movies they like.

With that in mind, here are my favorite movies of 2009 or as I like to call them:

Five Awesome Movies That Are Awesome

Honorable Mention: Inglourious Bastards

5 – The Hurt Locker

I was sold 100% on this movie after seeing the trailer.  Then the positive reviews came along and finally the release date arrived.  The Hurt Locker is an intense movie and I loved it.  The premise alone pins you to the edge of your seat.  At any moment the bomb could go off.  Fantastic movie.


4 – District 9

Viral Marketing at it’s finest.  District 9 was one of the most unique experiences of 2009.  An ‘indy’ sci-fi action movie with an incredible story.  I put District 9 in the category of “Why didn’t they think of this years ago?”.  I was pretty disappointed with most of the big summer blockbuster movies but District 9 reminded me that you don’t need a massive budget to entertain.  You just need a good story.


3 – Up

My sister and I have seen pretty much all of the Pixar films together and Up was no different.  I knew it was going to be good but I didn’t expect it to nearly knock Toy Story off the top spot.  While Toy Story remains my favorite Pixar movie, Up is a very close second.  It was everything we’ve come to expect from a Pixar film.  It was funny, it had heart, it looked gorgeous and it entertained.  Bring on Toy Story 3.


2 – The Hangover

One of the funniest movies I’ve seen in theaters in years.  Ironically, I saw this the day after seeing Up so it was a pretty great movie filled weekend.  There is a tradition among people who enjoy a night out at the bars that is absolutely vital to a successful night. Pre-Drinking.  A tradition among pre-drinkers is watching movies together while you drink.  (Old School.  Dumb & Dumber. Superbad.) The Hangover is a worthy edition to an already stellar lineup of classics.  Welcome to the team!


1 – Paranormal Activity

The most FUN I’ve had in a theater in years and hands down my favorite movie of 2009.  I saw this movie in a packed house full of terrified people and I was one of them.  Every time the scene changed to their bedroom at night, the entire audience began shifting in their seats.  It was an amazing experience.  I feel bad for those who either waited to long to see it or are waiting for video.  You missed out.

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So long 2009

2008 was a slow year for me.  I couldn’t seem to get to the theater enough but 2009 was a return to form.  More movies, more fun, more entertainment and most importantly, more inspiration.

Going to the movies is an addiction.  It’s an obsession I can’t live without.  I can’t to see what’s in store for 2010.