2010’s All Time Top 5 Movies

December 31, 2010 at 11:32 am

2010's All Time Top 5 Movies The Athletic Nerd Movie Reviews 2010

Last year, Paranormal Activity won the honor of 2009’s best movie because it stuck with me the longest.

Could Paranormal Activity 2 make an appearance this year?  Nope.  It was definitely a worthy sequel though.

It’s important to note that I’ve missed a lot of notable films that may or may not have cracked 2010’s top 5.

127 Hours, The King’s Speech, True Grit, Let Me In to name a few.

Regardless, I have to go with what I’ve seen and I’m pretty happy about my list.

The Athletic Nerd’s All Time Top 5 Movies of 2010

5. The Fighter

Review: I Showed Up 12 Minutes Late For The Fighter

This film bumped the excellent Monsters from the top 5 right at the last minute.  I loved both films equally but Christian Bale’s amazing performance was unforgettable.

4. Toy Story 3

Review: Toy Story 3 & The Crazy Laughers

What can you say about Pixar? Every year they deliver something new and wonderful.  I love that franchise and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the trilogy.  The last 10 minutes alone almost had me in tears. (Much like Ninja Turtles did back in the day.  What is it with me and toys?)

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3. The Social Network

Review: Nerds & The Social Network

Everyone thought this movie would fail when it was first announced.  How good can a ‘Facebook’ movie possibly be?  I didn’t think it would be very good.  Now it’s one of my favorites and a serious Oscar contender.

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2. The Town

Review: The Town Has It All

Underestimating The Social Network was a big mistake.  I’m happy to say it was a mistake I did not repeat with The Town.  I knew it was going to be fantastic.  Every trailer I saw kept bumping it up my list of must see movies.  It delivered one of the best heist movies I’ve ever seen.  I loved The Town.

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1. Inception

Review: Inception Ignites An Idea

Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece will be dissected and studied forever.  Hopefully, it has changed the summer blockbuster for the better and more intelligent and action packed films are coming our way.  From the minute I heard about this film I was fascinated.  How could a film build up so much hype and deliver?  That’s why Nolan is a genius and my favorite filmmaker. Inception is a remarkable achievement.

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