42 iPad Links For Filmmakers, Screenwriters & Movie Lovers

July 17, 2012 at 12:48 pm

iPad Links For Filmmakers, Screenwriters & Movie Lovers

The iPad has changed the way we communicate, enhanced the way we share information and represents an evolution in many forms entertainment.  Movies are no exception.  Whether your a film fan watching the latest releases or a filmmaker using the iPad’s vast library of creative tools, it’s a truly  remarkable device.

Screenwriters have access to brilliant mobile apps to craft their tales.  Illustrators can create storyboards with powerful drawing and image authoring programs.  Movies can be planned, shot, edited and shared with one device. 

Directors, Producers, Designers, Photographers, Musicians…  Artists.

With the announcement of The New iPad, Apple has raised the bar for film fans with 1080p video, an amazing new Retina display and updates to their core creative apps like iMovie and Garage Band.

iPad = Creativity


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I use my iPad non stop.  It’s with me wherever I go.  I read book and screenplays on the bus.  I write scripts during breaks at work.  I’m constantly connected to my websites, blogs and social media account.  I watch movies, short films and documentaries.  I create.

I guess what I’m trying to say is…  The iPad is neat.