A Last Minute Dinner For Schmucks

August 18, 2010 at 4:36 pm

A Last Minute Dinner For Schmucks

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to see Inception in theaters for the second time.

Instead I chose to see Salt. Bad idea.

Still, the universe corrected itself and I had another opportunity to watch some corporate dream based espionage.

Except there was a mix up in start times and we missed it.

My friend and I had to think quickly.

“No I do not want to see Salt again thank you for asking.”

We settled on Dinner For Schmucks.

Worst movie of 2010?

Close call.  It was really bad.

So unfortunate.

I thought at the very least Steve Carell and Paul Rudd would provide some big laughs. I was mistaken and ultimately disappointed.

Especially where Carell is concerned. Add this awful showing to Date Night and I’m thinking his decision to leave the office might need to be reconsidered.

I’m a massive fan of his. I think he’s one of the funniest actors working today.  Paul Rudd is up there too.   Their genius didn’t shine through this time around but I’m still a fan of their work.

So… Dinner For Schmucks…

Bad. Really bad.

I’ll be completely honest and say that I did laugh at times but the story killed it for me. It didn’t make any sense.

  • Giant corporate figures get together to make fun of ‘idiots’?  Aren’t they busy?
  • Who has time to go out and locate strange people and then invite them to an even stranger dinner?
  • Why do people’s jobs depend on the dinner?
  • If you can’t find a good idiot why is your job is at risk?

Nope.  Not buying it.

No wonder the company needs saving.  Look how they run things.  An employee gets a good idea and they can’t promote him until he proves that he can find someone weird on the streets.

Note:  Someone he ‘happens’ to hit with his car.  Convenient.

Maybe I missed something but when the basic premise doesn’t work, the movie has no chance.  The dinner doesn’t even happen until the final 10-15 minutes.

Instead we are treated to a series of ‘funny’ misunderstandings that frustrated the crap out of me.

I lost interest long before the schmucky dinner got started.  It was literally a circus.  A really dumb circus.

Apparently these high paid execs live for these dinners…  Really?

Yeah…  Didn’t make sense to me either.

In summary…

I did not care for Dinner For Schmucks.

Wait a minute. ..

I get it!!!!!

The boss’s were the schmucks!!!!!!!!  They were the real idiots… Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh…  Because of the way they treated people.

Makes sense.