All Time Best: Jumpy Movie Moment

October 24, 2011 at 6:15 am

All Time Best: Jumpy Movie Moment | Best Horror Movie Scares | Movie Blog


Horror fans line up for the scares.  It’s all about the thrill of gripping your seat and holding your breath before the big Ahhhhh!  Horror movies live and die by their ability to deliver moments that make your heart race. When they don’t, it can lead to a pretty boring experience especially if the story isn’t stellar.  It’s like watching a comedy and waving as every single joke flies over your head and into a trash can.

In the past, I’ve examined the All Time Best: Scariest Movie Scene.  For me, the ‘hell’ sequence from Event Horizon was absolutely terrifying but there is a big difference between terrifying and jumpy.

This post is all about slashers who jump out from behind a door.  Ghosts that appear behind you while you stare into a mirror.  Monsters that burst back to life.

Much like the first reveal of the creatures in 2005’s The Descent.  When that night vision camera reveals one of the beasts for the first time, I jumped out of my seat.  Well done Neil Marshall, well done.  (It’s a little disappointing that the shot is included in the trailer though.)

Trying to narrow it down to one single scare is extremely difficult but there is ONE I couldn’t erase from my mind.  So, the winner of the award for the All Time Best Jumpy Movie Moment?


All Time Best: Jumpy Movie Moment | Best Horror Movie Scares | Movie Blog

When Mills and Sommerset enter this gruesome scene all you can think about is the amount of incredible pain and suffering this man went through.  The genius of the film is that the man is evil himself and morality enters the equation.  Seven deadly sins.  The setup is perfect as a cop leans in and whispers ‘You got what you deserved’…


All Time Best: Jumpy Movie Moment | Best Horror Movie Scares | Movie Blog

I love horror films and I’ve never jumped higher.  It’s a record that may never be broken but I still hoping it will someday.  Bring on the jumps! Seven is one of my favorite movies because of the story but it’s legendary because of moments like these.  That and the absolutely incredible ending.

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