All Time Best: Movie Monster

October 13, 2010 at 6:22 am

All Time Best: Movie Monster

Movie monsters.

How can you possibly pick one out of so many iconic beasts that have clawed their way through movie screens over the years?

Whether it’s giant, destructive creatures like Godzilla or a kind alien like E.T we are all attached to a monster or two in some capacity.

What’s your favorite movie monster?

Is it a ruthless terror or a brute with heart?

While most of my favorite monsters are seen in the biggest horror and action films, my pick is probably one of the most endearing creatures of all time.


all time best movie monster gizmo gremlins

Just looking at him makes me laugh.  Look at him wave!

“Bright light!”

I think Gizmo the Mogwai is one of the most recognizable monsters in existence.  Whether you have seen the Gremlins films or not you still know someone who has a dog named Gizmo.  If you don’t then your dog is named Gizmo for sure.

How can you avoid falling in love with a little fur ball who wants to be Rambo!

A tribute to Gizmo.

The All Time Best Movie Monster.

All Time Best Movie Monster Gizmo Gremlins

PS: Click here and enjoy the best Gizmo video of them all…  The Sorry Song.