All Time Best: Movie Showdown

July 7, 2010 at 11:47 am

All Time Best Movie Moments

Who doesn’t love a good old fashion suspense filled movie?

One of my favorites will always be Crimson Tide.  There is no doubt the movie is incredible but today I’d like to talk about the showdown between the two main characters.

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A clash that makes it the All Time Best Movie Showdown.

Launch Missles vs Confirm the Message

Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman face off in one of the most intense showdowns I’ve ever seen.  What makes the drama gripping are the impossibly high stakes.

“If I’m wrong then we’re at war…  God help us all.”

What could be higher than the threat of nuclear war?

Where the movie really shines is in the characters who must take sides.  Both sides are represented by strong likeable characters so it’s impossible not to look at the crisis they face in depth.  You simply can’t help but be drawn into the argument.

Would you launch? Or wait to confirm the message?

Personally, I’m on team Denzel on this one.  The fact that they both have compelling arguments raises the tension in the USS Alabama to extremely high levels.  I still get stressed out watching it.

Add in two incredible performances and ridiculously impressive writing and you have the making of a classic.

There are too many memorable scenes to list.  Watching these two titans of the acting world go toe-to-toe is still just as fun today as it was the first time I watched Crimson Tide.

If you’re a fan of movie showdowns and you like awesome things… Find a copy of Crimson Tide immediately.

All Time Best Movie Showdown Crimson Tide