All Time Best: Pixar Character

May 28, 2010 at 10:34 am

All Time Best Movie Moments

This All Time Best post is dedicated to my favorite Pixar character of all time and it’s not who you would expect.

I went obscure on this one because he still makes me laugh.

The runner up: Hamm from Toy Story.

“You’ve heard of Kung Fu? Well prepare yourself for pork chop!”

It’s really hard to narrow down one single character out of hundreds of hilarious creations but I’m pretty proud of my pick:

Jacques (Finding Nemo)

jacques finding nemo



“No cleaning!”

“I shall resist.”

Finding Nemo has a ton of amazing characters but Jacques sticks out for me.  There’s just something about this little guy makes me laugh more than any other Pixar character and that’s saying something.  I think he may have 10 lines of dialogue in the entire movie but the filmmakers made every single one of them count.

Fantastic character.

Point.  Pixar.