All Time Best: Unfortunate Movie Death Scene

March 22, 2010 at 10:45 pm

All Time Best Movie Moments

I’m aware this is probably one of the most random topics for an All Time Best post but I really feel bad for poor guy.

The scene is from The Rock and it definitely ranks as one of the most unfortunate death scenes any character has ever suffered.

The Rock Gas Rocket

In case you haven’t guessed by now, the scene in question involves a no name character who unfortunately demonstrates the awful effects of being exposed to VX Poison Gas. Essentially, he’s a part of a team looking to steal 16 rockets to hold San Fransisco hostage so Sean Connery can reverse-escape Alcatraz. (Otherwise known as… The Rock)

During the theft, one of the shiny green balls breaks releasing deadly gas into the room.

The results aren’t pretty. Basically, your skin melts off.

Be warned.  I’ve included the clip so beware of spoilers and/or gross face melting.

You’ll feel bad for him. Who wouldn’t?  I wouldn’t want to be exposed to VX gas.  That’s probably why the movie’s premise worked so well.  No one wants an entire city to suffer what this poor guy does.

If that doesn’t qualify as a high ranking ‘unfortunate’ movie death scene, I don’t know what will.

PS: I have a feeling this post will get a sequel someday soon.  I’ve already thought of more.

Thought of a better one? Be sure to comment.  I’m sure there are millions of examples.