All Time Worst: Movie Theme To Get Stuck In Your Head

August 27, 2010 at 9:16 am

All Time Worst Movie Theme To Get Stuck In Your Head

I got a song stuck in my head the other day.

It was the Dewey theme from the Scream movies.

Dewey Scream Theme

You know the one:

don DON don DON…  ting ting ting ting ting ting don DON don DON…

I may as well just show it to you.  The song is actually the theme from Broken Arrow by Hans Zimmer.

Note: There’s your fun fact of the day.

Here it is:

I’m not saying I dislike the song. I’m just saying it was stuck in my head for the entire day and lets face it, any song will grow old eventually.

That’s how I feel.

I’m thankful it’s gone.  Hopefully it doesn’t get stuck in your head now.