Avatar Was Awesome, Finally

January 5, 2010 at 9:03 pm


The Athletic Nerd Movie Reviews

It took longer than I thought but I finally got to see Avatar in glorious IMAX 3D. I was so busy over the holidays that an afternoon never presented itself. I desperately wanted to see this movie and I’m happy to report it was worth the wait.

For anyone who ever doubted that the movie would succeed, here is the line up I came across at 11:00 am on a weekday three weeks after it’s release.

Thankfully, we already had our tickets and laughed as we scored prime seats before the theater filled up.  What boggles my mind is how many people were still coming in AFTER the movie started.  Not only that, they actually looked upset that there weren’t any good seats left.  It’s almost like they felt they deserved it.  Enjoy the front row losers!

Once the movie started, I was absolutely fascinated.  The entire world of Pandora is completely unique and original. Fascinating is the perfect word to describe it.  There was one chase sequence early in the movie that included a couple amazing slow motion shots that I absolutely loved.  This is why I’m obsessed with movies.  I love seeing things that I’ve never seen before.  It’s addictive.


The action in the movie was unbelievable.  The final showdown is easily one of the most entertaining 30 minutes you’ll ever see in theaters.  I’m still thinking about how amazing the movie looked on the screen.  It’s the best looking movie I’ve ever seen and should easily win the VFX oscar this year.  In fact, I’m going to go ahead and guarantee it.

Last summer, The Dark Knight became the second highest grossing movie of all time.  For some reason, I’m proud of that.  It’s beginning to look like Mr. Cameron is going to have 2 of the top 3 movies ever on his resume.  There’s even a shot at the top 2.  I’m perfectly happy with Avatar knocking The Dark Knight down to 3.  It deserves to be there.  People say that movies are supposed to take you to another world.  Avatar takes you there and then makes you wish you never had to leave.

PS: Avatar is an awesome movie.

PS #2: I liked Avatar a lot.