Black Swan Flew Over My Head

April 5, 2011 at 9:07 am

Black Swan Flew Over My Head | Movie Review | Movie Blog

Sometimes movies are over hyped. I’m not saying that Black Swan is undeserving of all the awards and recognition it received.  I just think my own circle of friends built it up way too high.  Or maybe I just didn’t fall in love with the movie as I hoped I would.

Truthfully, Black Swan was frustrating.  Perhaps it was over hyped or maybe the film simply wasn’t for me.  It happens I suppose.

I can still appreciate the film for what it is. An incredibly intense and disturbing look into the mind of a troubled ballet dancer struggling to stay on top.

I thought it was brilliantly shot too.  I’ve always been a fan Darren Aronofsky’s style.  The Wrestler was one of my favorite movies of it’s year.  Unfortunately, I was never fully interested in Black Swan.  The more messed up visions took place, the more I felt disconnected from the story.  I spent most of the time waiting for the decorated Best Picture nominee to emerge.

For me, it never did.  I always tend to get a little worried when successful films like Black Swan fly over my head.  What does that say about my taste in movies if I don’t agree with all the critics and audiences out there?

I thought about that a lot actually.  I’ve decided it makes me honest.  Black Swan isn’t a horrible movie but it certainly wasn’t for me.  I wish I had seen it at the height of it’s popularity before too much time had passed.  Maybe my experience would have been different.

There’s always a chance I’ll come across the film again someday and love it.

Black Swan Flew Over My Head | Movie Review | Movie Blog