Bridesmaids & The Hangover

May 16, 2011 at 8:44 am

Bridesmaids & The Hangover | Bridesmaids Movie Review | Movie Blog


The answer to that question was on my mind as I waited for Bridesmaids to begin.  The Hangover was one of 2009’s biggest hits and for good reason.  It was absolutely hilarious.  With The Hangover Part 2 primed for more memory loss and alcohol induced mayhem, Bridesmaids’ biggest challenge was setting itself apart.

Bridesmaids & The Hangover | Bridesmaids Movie Review | Movie Blog

There will be countless comparisons between Bridesmaids & The Hangover but the truth is, Bridesmaids is NOT The Hangover.  It’s The Hangover’s hilarious sister that drinks, swears and shouts inappropriate things in front of company. Kristen Wiig is one of my favorite comedic actresses for her subtle ability to make audiences howl.  She’s the most consistent SNL regular by far and is 100% perfect for the role of Annie, a woman on her way to rock bottom.


While the film is advertised as an ensemble comedy, Wiig is definitely the emotional center.  Dealing the impending wedding of her best friend approaching and a jealous friend trying to take her place as maid of honor, Annie continues to find new and crazy ways to mess things up.  Whether it’s food poisoning, drunken episodes on airplanes or gigantic cookie attacks, the film never stops being funny, sweet and endearing.

A big part of that is Melissa McCarthy as Megan.  After watching Bridesmaids, I’m officially a fan of hers.

As a side note, the red band trailer I embedded above has a bunch of lines that aren’t in the movie.  Kind of sucks when that happens, especially when the lines are funny.

There was a moment in the film when the girls decide that Vegas would be a great place to have the bachelorette party.  I actually heard a couple people behind me groan “Vegas? Really?”.  To be honest, I was thinking the same thing.  Was this movie just trying to capitalize on the success of The Hangover?


Bridesmaids is a completely original and funny take on the other side of the altar. It’s full of laughs and a great start to the summer comedy season.

For all the guys who loved The Hangover but don’t want anything to do with Bridesmaids, let this review change your mind.  Go see this movie with your girlfriends and wives.  In fact, recommend it.  Especially if she doesn’t want to see it.  This is one ‘chick flick’ you will both definitely enjoy.

Bridesmaids & The Hangover | Bridesmaids Movie Review | Movie Blog

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