Dissecting Zak Snyder’s Sucker Punch… Again…

October 8, 2011 at 3:49 pm

Imagination & Sucker Punch... Explained? | Movie Blog | Sucker Punch Review

When I saw Sucker Punch I was both confused and curious.  It’s hard to determine if you love a movie or not if you don’t fully understand it and I was on the fence when I left the theater that day.  Sucker Punch’s true meaning is buried behind huge action set pieces that take place in 3 different realities of which non can be officially labeled reality.

When I posted my review I attempted to explain my theory in the hopes that others would contribute and many have.  To date, ‘Imagination & Sucker Punch Explained‘ has received more comments than any other post on this blog.

These aren’t just tiny comments either, they are in depth theories that delve deep into Zak Snyder’s mind bending tale.

What is Sucker Punch about?  Is it Sweet Pea’s story or is it Babydoll who anchors the narrative?  I’ve decided to collect some excerpts from the wonderful comments to get a better understanding on the film.

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“I believe that it was Sweet P’s imagination. The imagination is taken deeper in order to deal with what they’re being forced to do. It is Sweet P’s way of fighting. In her mind she is fighting through the “grotesque missions” (sex,sexual acts,dirty dancing) in order to achieve their items and ultimate goal of freedom.” L3FTY

“Baby doll, knowing that actual escape is impossible, copes by imagining that she is sweet pea getting onto the bus. that is why the bus driver is the same guide as in the rest of her fantasies and the billboard on the road at the end says that the bus is headed for “paradise” falls” BRIAN

“In this case Snyder just wanted an excuse to incorporate the pretty things from his imagination which he can’t fit anywhere else.” NASTEE

“I don’t think Sweet Pea is still in a dream world at the end, nor do I think Baby Doll was imagined. If you remember the very beginning it mentions guardian angels and how they can take any form or be anywhere for us.” JAGAMAR

“The narrator was Sweet Pea, and she talks about “guardian angels”, I believe that the story is narrated by sweet pea about baby doll, because baby doll ends up being her guardian angel.” BRENDAN

“Baby Doll was imaginary, and that everything after the opening part where Sweet Pea is talking about the Guardian Angel is imaginary. I also think that Rocket is already dead and that Sweet Pea is coping with it and the movie is about her mental recovery…” RYAN

“On the first level down, Baby Doll just sees the asylum for what it is, and on the next level down, she sees what she wants to see.” BD

“I don’t think it’s imaginary. But I do see that Babydoll and Sweetpea most likely get their strength from eachother and in the ‘fantasy’ world, which seems like the only thing that keeps either Babydoll or the both of them sane and gives hope.” DANIELLE

“The movie is Sweet Pea’s imagination. The ending is Sweet Pea’s lobotomized imagination.” CLARKE

“Every action she has in her real life (The mental ward) is exaggerated in her mind so she can cope, and create reason to go on… while in this world, she exaggerates it more (The video game world) to again, deal with her nightmarish world” DEVONCADAVER

“Baby was burdened with guilt of killing her sister. The only way for her to be FREE of this guilt was to be lobotmised which erases yor memory pretty much. Thats what she realized at the very end” DAVEYO

“This movie in itself is Sweet Pea’s attempt at telling Babydoll’s story with her own damaged mind.” ZACHY

“The whole of the film is played out in Sweepea’s head, the asylum represents her accepting the fact of her mental problems, the bordello might represent punishment for her “crime” and helplessness in the face of circumstances – this points to her knowing, on some level that the loss of her sister was beyond her control, but feeling guilty anyway.” MUKKINESE

Mr. Zeaver brings up what might have been Zak Snyder’s plan all along:

“Maybe this is the Sucker Punch Snyder was looking for. For people to create their own opinion much the like the movie’s theme of imagination, people imagine how they think it ends or what it means.” MR. ZEAVER


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Imagination & Sucker Punch... Explained? | Movie Blog | Sucker Punch Review

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