Why E.T The Extra Terrestrial Scared me

September 12, 2010 at 11:00 am

E.T Scared Me Growing Up


A while back, I talked about how the original Ninja Turtles movie made me cry. Today, I’m going to continue that trend by admitting to another embarrassing truth…

I was terrified of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

Laugh if you must but growing up, every kid is afraid of something coming to get them at bed time.  For me, it was The Extra-Terrestrial.

Shortly after I saw the movie, my sister got a really creepy stuffed E.T doll.  She then placed it in her closet which is adjacent to mine.  I had a pretty wild imagination and I used to think about E.T burrowing through the wall and into my closet. This is where he would watch me sleep and plan his attack.  I never figured out exactly what he would do to me but just the thought of one day waking up to a squashy alien was petrifying.

This was one of my worst fears growing up.

Thankfully, I got over it and E.T is now a beloved favorite of mine. Movies have amazing impacts on people’s lives.  I love the fact that you cannot predict how a movie will affect the audience.  It’s always interesting to hear people’s reactions to different films.  Listening to people discuss films they watched as a kid and how they view them today is fascinating to me.

It’s the same with filmmakers.  I love to talk to directors about how they believed audiences would react to their films vs how they actually reacted.  I wonder if Steven Spielberg thought E.T would terrify children. I like to think he did.

Anyone else afraid of E.T?


PS: Oooooooooooouch.  That’s creepy!!!!!!!!!!