Go Back In Time & Watch Source Code Again

April 1, 2011 at 4:43 pm

Go Back In Time & Watch Source Code Again | Review Source Code | Movie Blog

Dear Jason, go back to the theater and see Source Code again…


Source Code begins as a fairly typical time travel tale in which a soldier repeatedly experiences the final 8 minutes of a teacher’s life on a train before it blows up.

The ‘science’ behind the story centers on the idea that we can tap into a person’s final moments and attempt to figure out what happened to them.  In this case, the whole mission is to find out who is responsible and prevent an event greater tragedy from occurring.

It sounds complicated but that’s the genius of Source Code. The film starts as a simple tale but gradually peels back layer after layer revealing an emotional story about cherishing every second.

It’s an important message tucked inside a surprisingly powerful movie.

Many Science Fiction tales tend to rely on their premise to deliver a good movie instead of building the premise around great characters. This film delivered an incredibly simple yet creative premise but also great characters. It’s a fascinating movie that incorporates so many thought provoking elements including death, loss, family, love, responsibility, courage and pain.

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t expect Source Code to have so much depth. One twist (That I refuse to ruin here) made me sit up and literally smile. This isn’t a formulaic science fiction story at all.

Source Code is Unique. It’s a breath of fresh air and you’ll be unprepared for it.  I was.

Truthfully, I owe director Duncan Jones an apology because I loved Moon and should have given him the benefit of the doubt.  In Source Code, he has created another awesome science fiction movie. Plain and simple:

Source Code is entertaining, it’s different and it’s wonderful.

Go Back In Time & Watch Source Code Again | Review Source Code | Movie Blog

Don’t do time travel movie math.

Now…  When it comes to movies centered on time travel, there will always be holes.  Certain things don’t add up and you wind up trying to calculate and over think things.  Stop it.  If you’re going to see Source Code, it’s best to just go in expecting to be entertained.  In my case, it did much more than entertain and I hope you experience a similar feeling.

It’s been a while since a movie in this genre had me skipping to my car afterwards.  I went in hoping for a pleasant way to spend a Friday afternoon. I was surprised to find myself enjoying what is most definitely the most entertaining movie I’ve seen thus far this year.

If only I could find a way to go back and watch it all over again for the first time.  Sadly, time travel isn’t possible yet but thankfully, I can still see it again.

Source Code may not be for everyone but if you had a slight interest in seeing it let this review push you out the door. It’s worth it.

… Still I should try to send that message to myself right? It could work…  At least I could send myself a reminder to go and see it again…