Have You Watched A Short Film Today?

June 25, 2012 at 10:25 am

Have You Watched A Short Film Today? | Independent Film Blog

Short filmmakers everywhere pour their heart and soul into their films.  They are up in the middle of the night tweaking the script.  They fill their weekends with meetings and location scouts.  They stress over vital casting decisions and equipment needs.  They lose sleeping worrying about the budget.  They wonder if it will all work out and then they work even harder regardless.

These creative and talented people spend hours choosing fonts for the poster.  They scrutinize every single cut.  These people are passionate, dedicated and proud of their labor of love.

Have you watched a short film today?


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of not watching as many short films as I should.  Yet as a filmmaker myself, I know how crucial it is to get your work out there for people to see.  It’s vital for feedback on your progress as an artist.  But more importantly, it’s the reason we make movies to begin with.  It’s a never ending need to tell a story and reach an audience.  It’s about finding your unique voice.  No matter which position you hold on a film set, it’s about your hard work paying off.


It’s an amazing time to be an independent filmmaker.  Posting your work online has never been easier with sites like YouTube and especially Vimeo leading the way.  But there are thousands of websites out there that feature short films.

Have some spare time?  Explore these sites and watch a couple amazing shorts while you’re at it.  More importantly, dig deeper and discover the incredible people behind the films.

Film School Rejects

I Love Short Films

Shorts Bay

Shorts of the Week

Funny or Die


The Smalls

Short Film Central


Atom Short Films

NSI Canada



There are plenty more out there (feel free to mention them) but these should keep you busy along with Youtube & Vimeo.

Have You Watched A Short Film Today? | Independent Film Blog

When I started interviewing people for this blog I called the feature Filmmakers/Fans for a reason.  I’ve written and directed films and I know how much effort and time goes into them.  But I’m also a fan.  At it’s core, this blog is about movies, screenwriting & independent film but it’s also about what inspires creative people.

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