Is Green Lantern Really That Bad?

June 21, 2011 at 8:29 am

Is Green Lantern Really That Bad? | Does Green Lantern Suck? | Movie Review


When someone tells you that a movie is absolutely incredible you’re probably more willing to give it a shot.  When EVERYONE tells you it’s amazing it’s almost impossible to resist.  Especially if you trust their opinions.

The same can be said when someone despises a movie.  You’re probably still willing to sit through it but there’s almost no chance you will if EVERYONE hates it right?

I do my best to ignore bad reviews and focus more on whether or not I genuinely want to see a movie.  I definitely wanted to see Green Lantern but did the movie defy my lowered expectations?



A few weeks ago, I wrote about how nice it would be if we had a summer movie season free of flops.  The streak definitely didn’t last long as Green Lantern is my first official flop of the season.

What went wrong?  To be honest, there was a lot I actually liked about the movie.  The sequences on the Lantern’s home planet of Oa were really interesting albeit cartoony.  I went in not knowing a great deal about Green Lantern’s mythology.  It’s incredibly complex and extremely cool but it took them an eternity to set things up.  Green Lantern had to be a challenging story to adapt.  How do you introduce such a complex back story without sacrificing the action audiences have come to expect in a summer movie. 

I believe this is the movie’s greatest failure.

Is Green Lantern Really That Bad? | Does Green Lantern Suck? | Movie Review

The story is well told but it takes more than an hour before we get to see Green Lantern in action. The movie disappointed me further because once the action arrived, it really wasn’t all that great.  I’m torn because Ryan Reynold’s Hal Jordan hasn’t truly grasped his true power yet.  I completely understand that his journey towards becoming a hero is the spine of the story but we really only get about 10 minutes of full tilt Lantern action.  Had the film delivered a more satisfying finale, I think a lot of critics would have been a little more lenient with their scathing reviews.  This was the downside to Ang Lee’s Hulk as well.

Ryan Reynold’s does his best to bring the fake looking CG suit to life but I found myself wondering when the big time action would kick in.  A lot of that probably had to do with Hector Hammond, the film’s human ‘villain’.

Is Green Lantern Really That Bad? | Does Green Lantern Suck? | Movie Review

I’ll get to ‘big baddie’ Parallax in a moment but Hector Hammond really bugged me.  All he seemed to do was scream in pain before we cut away to more of Hal Jordan’s personal struggle to overcome fear.  He didn’t really cause that much action at all.

When the time came for Mr. Hammond to be unleashed he really didn’t do that much and was ‘dealt’ with pretty easily in the end.  The real threat was Parallax but he only shows up once every 30 minutes or so to remind us he exists.

Is Green Lantern Really That Bad? | Does Green Lantern Suck? | Movie Review

Look at how bad ass he looks? I expected more.

Let him destroy a couple chunks of a city!  Make him more of a threat to Hal Jordan.  After spending so much time setting up an epic encounter with such a powerful villain, I was willing to give the movie a positive review if it delivered.  It didn’t.  The final battle was short and relatively painless for the Green Lantern.

It’s unfortunate.  I had the same complaint about the first Iron Man as well.  That final battle wasn’t the greatest.


In the end, it just took way to long before we saw the Green Lantern reach his potential.  It’s really just a full length origin story.  In a way, I don’t blame the filmmakers.  There is so much mythology to cover and it could have been a complete mess if they didn’t treat it properly.  Overall, I thought they did a great job setting up The Green Lantern Core and Oa.

But having so much story to tell ultimately took over what could have been a huge popcorn summer smash.

However, I also think that with all the back story out of the way, they can truly knock a sequel out of the park.  I’ll be willing to give it a shot.  Why not!  I may not have liked this movie but I did like the world…  You never know…


Is Green Lantern Really That Bad? | Does Green Lantern Suck? | Movie Review