John Krasinski Steals SOMETHING BORROWED

May 7, 2011 at 6:56 pm

John Krasinski Steals SOMETHING BORROWED | Something Borrowed Movie Review | Movie Blog


I was shocked when I pulled up Something Borrowed page on Rotten Tomatoes.  15% on the Tomatometer?  Yikes.

Here are a few excerpts from the reviews:

“I suspect most of us would cross a crowded highway barefoot and bleeding to avoid any contact whatsoever with the insufferable twits populating this gruesome rom-com.” Matt Brunson

“Something Borrowed” asks the question, “Is it possible to pull off a romantic comedy in which you don’t want anyone to end up with anyone else?” The answer is, “No.” Chris Hewitt

“Something Borrowed” is something … ew.” Stephen Whitty

Gross.  Yet, as I write this review, 66% of audiences love it.  That’s a pretty big disconnect is it not?  I support Team Audience on this one.

John Krasinski Steals SOMETHING BORROWED | Something Borrowed Movie Review | Movie Blog

I just didn’t think it was as bad as many critics think.  To be fair, the movie is DEFINITELY a stereotypical romantic comedy with plenty of familiar character arcs but the film still has it’s own unique spirit.

Based on the novel by Emily Giffin, the story follows a group of twenty somethings who struggle with love, betrayal, friendship and more.  I saw the film with my girlfriend who is a big fan of the books and I have to admit…  I laughed a lot.


The laughs are almost 100% due to the scene stealing performance of John Krasinski.  Every time he shows up on screen the laughs aren’t far behind.  My first complaint about the film is that there were large gaps without his character.  These are the moments when the movie slowed down for me.

Essentially, Krasinski’s performance is very similar to the dry, sarcastic and endearing delivery he gives as Jim Halpert from The Office.  I love The Office!  Each and every remark and mannerism shown made me laugh.


The rest of the cast, while not nearly as funny, have great chemistry including Kate Hudson who I’m not normally a fan of.  The story itself is fairly straight forward but there are enough twists and turns here to keep you entertained.  I was.

Not really a fan of that trailer.

To a certain extent, I can see why critics seem to hate the movie. It’s a typical romantic comedy but there will be tons of people out there who will love it.  The theater was packed when I saw the film and the whole room was constantly filled with laughter.  They had fun.  My girlfriend and I had fun.

Isn’t that what makes a good romantic comedy?

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