Jurassic Park in 1993, 2013 & 2033

April 7, 2013 at 8:47 am

Jurassic Park 3D Review


I was just about to turn 10 when Jurassic Park was first unleashed.  How many kids hate dinosaurs when they’re 10?  None.  I was lucky enough to be a part of a generation of kids who grew up with Jurassic Park.  A film that pushed the limits of technology and left audiences in awe.  Now, 20 years later, I’m nearly 30 and got a chance to appreciate the film on the big screen as an adult.  Before I get to my thoughts, I’ve carefully selected appropriate background music while you read.  Please hit play:


It’s amazing how much your life can change in 20 years yet movies can take you back in an instant.  As a child, I was terrified and inspired simultaneously.  As an adult, I knew what was coming and it was just as suspenseful and entertaining.

Revisiting an old film you adore is like seeing a cherished old friend.

You know everything about your friend yet there are always new details to discover.  From the moment the film began, I experienced the larger the life moments all over again in a brand new way.  It was amazing to see my old friend on the big screen once more.

Jurassic Park was awesome in 1993, it was awesome in 2013 & it will be awesome 2033

Jurassic Park is a FUN movie to watch.  It always was.  Discovering a world where dinosaurs exist is the very reason we go to the movies.  For two hours you suspend disbelief and accept that dinosaurs exist and automation isn’t cheap.  But I don’t have to tell you how amazing Jurassic Park is.  I’m not going to ramble about the effects or the relationships between the characters.  It’s been 20 years after all.  I’ll sum up my thoughts in one sentence:

If you loved Jurassic Park you owe it to yourself to see it in 3D.

I saw the movie in a sold out IMAX theater with a crowd of people who gave all the big moments a round of applause.  There was even a modest standing ovation at the end.  I’ll admit it was a little annoying at first but I couldn’t blame them.  Perhaps it should be common place to applaud when a Tyrannosaurus Rex whips a raptor into a fossil display.  It really is amazing that the effects still hold up after all this time.

Throughout the film, I wanted to write notes about all the details I never saw before.  I wanted to include a list in this review but it’s hard to concentrate on blogging when Dilophosaurus is doing this:

Nedry vs dilophosaurus

… Clever raptors do this:

Jurassic Park was awesome in 1993, it was awesome in 2013 & it will be awesome 2033

… And T-Rex was does this:

Jurassic Park was awesome in 1993, it was awesome in 2013 & it will be awesome 2033

Still, it was interesting to watch Lex flip out over interactive CD-ROMs and state of the art UNIX systems.  Indeed, a lot has changed in the last 20 years.

I’ve changed.  20 years ago, my obsession with film was just beginning thanks to movies like Jurassic Park.  I was 10 years old AND 30 years old at the same time in that theater.  When the credits rolled, I couldn’t help but wonder where I’ll be in another 20 years.  What will be different about my life?  At 50 years old how will I experience movies like Jurassic Park?  No one knows such things but it’s nice to know an old friend will always be there to inspire me all over again.  I imagine when I’m 50, I’ll still have the same expression as Dr. Grant when he sees a living dinosaur for the first time.

That’s what going to the movies is all about.

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