Life of Pi & The Cinematic Comfort Zone 2: THE REVIEW

November 21, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Life of Pi & The Cinematic Comfort Zone 2: THE REVIEW | Life of Pi Review (2012)


Recently, I wrote about the importance expanding your cinematic comfort zone. Especially when it comes to movies like Life of Pi. People tend to stick to certain types of movies and rarely make exceptions. Furthermore, most people can’t see every new release so they have to pick and choose. Sometimes, movies slip below the radar. They are films that people are curious about but never give them a shot.

The risk is worth the reward. True, there are disappointments but there are also movies that make you wonder why you ever considered missing them in the first place.

A movie you almost skipped could become a movie you’ll never forget.

Well… I’m happy to say that Life of Pi is EXACTLY why you should expand your comfort zone. If you’re on the fence about the film it is my hope to give you the slightest nudge you need to go and see it.


I caught a 3D matinee show on opening day.  There was actually quite a few people there which made me happy.  Then I began scanning the type of people in the theater and estimated that I was the youngest by minimum 30 years.  I was clearly the youngest person in the room. I actually felt a little bit out of place.

There was an adorable older couple that sat next to me. They must have been at least 80. Just before the movie began, the man began debating the pros and cons of a quick bathroom trip.

“You either have to go or you don’t… Do you have to go?”
“So so…” said the man with a wavering hand.

Eventually, they both decided to go and made it back just in time for an amazing movie.

Life of Pi is about a young man named Pi who leaves India with his family in search of a new life in Canada. After a violent storm strikes, Pi finds himself stranded on a life boat with a tiger named Richard Parker. His entire family gone.

Life of Pi & The Cinematic Comfort Zone 2: THE REVIEW | Life of Pi Review (2012)

At it’s core, Life of Pi is about survival and the search for God. It’s a truly profound tale of courage that is nothing short of breathtaking.

From the moment the movie began and I was captivated. Ang Lee directed an absolutely stunning movie. It’s one of the best looking films I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s just no way I can fully describe how many remarkable shots the director packed into the film. The visual effects in particular are amazing. Richard Parker is shockingly realistic. It makes the various confrontations between Pi and the Tiger all the more memorable. I fell in love with that tiger.


Besides the unbelievable visuals, Life of Pi also delivers a phenomenal story. I fully understand why the book is so popular now. (I also understand the scene with the ‘flying’ fish.)  It all comes together in one of the most enjoyable films I’ve seen this year.

Life of Pi & The Cinematic Comfort Zone 2: THE REVIEW | Life of Pi Review (2012)


There is another reason why Life of Pi resonated with me. As I sat there watching Pi struggle to stay alive, I was thinking about the audience. Could I write a movie that would appeal to this demographic?

I began to think about my newest screenplay and whether or not anyone in the room would enjoy it. I don’t think they would like it. I thought about it more once the movie ended. My new script is a drama about being young parents. What was it that didn’t appeal to people over 60? It was interesting to weigh the options and potential changes I could make.  I’m not saying I will be implementing those changes but Life of Pi got me thinking about my screenplay in a new way. It was exciting.

There was also a woman two seats away from me who was constantly taking notes during the movie. What was she up to? Was she a reviewer? Did she write for a website? Was she a massive fan of the book?  Regardless, Life of Pi made me feel like writing screenplays, it made me think about writing this review and it made me feel creative.

Not bad for a quick trip outside my cinematic comfort zone.

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Life of Pi & The Cinematic Comfort Zone 2: THE REVIEW | Life of Pi Review (2012)