Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

April 10, 2013 at 9:49 am

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To

Marvel set out to create a massive cinematic universe and delivered on that promise.  Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger & Thor told separate stories but everything led to The Avengers.  To say that Phase One was a success is an understatement.  It’s not everyday you get to see 4 major franchises come together so brilliantly.  Bring on Phase Two!

How will Tony Stark overcome the events of The Avengers in Iron Man 3?  What threat will the Dark Elves pose against Thor in Thor: The Dark World.  Captain America continues to adjust to the modern world in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  We will meet a new team of cosmic heroes in Guardians of The Galaxy.  Last but not least, The Avengers take on the Mad Titan Thanos in The Avengers 2.

It’s an amazing time to be a Marvel fan.

Here are 10 things I’m looking forward to in Phase Two:


The only thing that kept Captain America from being my least favorite Phase One film was Iron Man 2.  The reason is because of the origin story.  It took a really long time before we finally got a look at Cap in action.  Understandably, it was a necessary story to tell and I understand that.  I didn’t like it as much as I wanted to but he exists now.

Thanks to The Avengers, we got many glimpses of what The First Avenger can do…  And it’s pretty awesome.

I can’t wait to see a full Captain America movie without the need to establish his origin.  It’s time for a full tilt, action filled hero fest!

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To


The final battles in Iron Man and Iron Man 2 weren’t the greatest in my opinion.  I doubt Iron Man will fight The Mandarin in a fist fight but there’s no way the finale won’t be massive.  Just look at all the Iron Man suits in the second trailer:

I think Iron Man 3 will kick start Phase Two in a BIG way and I can’t wait to see it.

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8. SO…  LOKI…

How will Loki fit into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe after his action in The Avengers.

“….  Sorry?”

I think he will still be a force to be reckoned with especially with Thor distracted by Maleketh.  I’m also curious to see if Loki mentions anything about his connection to Thanos and what lies ahead.  Love him or hate him, he has answers…  And I want those answers.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To


Which major characters will appear in other movies?  Are The Avengers truly disassembled until The Avengers 2 in 2015?

We really got a sense of what Marvel had up it’s sleeve when Nick Fury appeared at the end of Iron Man.  Whether it’s Tony Stark in the Incredible Hulk or Hawkeye in Thor you never knew who would appear next.

That trend will most certainly continue in Phase Two.  Part of the fun will be catching all the subtle references they will include in the next slate of films.


We’ve already seen glimpses of New York after the events of The Avengers as well as the effect it’s had on Tony Stark.  I can’t wait to see how the world has changed after Loki opened a portal and unleashed an alien army on the world.

What’s different?  How has humanity evolved now that these threats have been revealed?  What do people think of The Avengers now?  I think the majority of the answers will be dealt with in Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

But what about the rest of the universe?


It’s very unlikely we will see The Hulk again until The Avengers 2 premieres.  He isn’t getting a standalone movie any time soon but I think saving him is a good move.  Watching Hulk punch giant alien snakes in the face was part of the fun of The Avengers.  We may see Bruce Banner pop up at some point before then but I’m willing to wait.  It’s going to be awesome when the Hulk is unleashed again.


No one will ever leave at the end of a Marvel movie again.  We all know the extra scene is coming.  A teaser of what’s to come.  A few moments that connect these movies together in ways that frustrate and delight fans.  (I say frustrate because the wait for answers can be painful.)

When we last left a Marvel movie, they gave us a glimpse of the villain who will be the center piece of Phase Two…  Thanos.

The ending of Iron Man 3 is rumored to introduce The Guardians of the Galaxy.  I know it’s a lot to ask but it would be nice if they at least mentioned Thanos.  Either way, I’m really looking forward to the bonus scenes.  Especially double bonus scenes like this:


A brand new Marvel franchise!?

I don’t know much about The Guardians of the Galaxy but I’m looking forward to learning more about them.  A Marvel movie directed by James Gunn set in space with talking Trees and Raccoons might seem risky but I’m excited.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To

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The very idea that Marvel’s is expanding their universe is exciting enough.  What’s more exciting is the connection this movie will have with Thanos.  It will no doubt lead directly to The Avengers 2.

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Who doesn’t love a good villain?  When Marvel announced The Avengers people wondered who the villain might be.  It was ultimately revealed to be Loki but it wasn’t his plan.  It’s always been Thanos.  We may not have seen him but he’s been around the whole time plotting against humanity.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To

It’s unprecedented to have not one but many films to set up a villain.  Especially one as powerful as The Mad Titan Thanos.  I’ve read about the history surrounding the character and his connections to The Avengers & The Guardians but what will the cinematic version of Thanos be like?

Will he impact the events of the films leading up to The Avengers 2 directly?  Or will he take a back seat and allow pawns like Loki take center stage.  When will we see him again?  What’s his plan?

…  I want answers!!!

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To


It took years to set up the events of Marvel’s The Avengers and we are in for another long but entertaining ride.  Along the way, we’ll catch up with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the rest of shield.  We’ll get updates on Bruce Banner and the ‘other’ guy.  We will meet the Guardians of the Galaxy and learn more about the looming threat known as Thanos.

Through all of these fantastic adventures we will all be wondering how it will all end.  How will these films connect?  What does Marvel really have planned for Phase Two?

Everything leads to The Avengers 2 and it’s going to be an amazing adventure indeed.

Phase Two is about to begin.  Cinematic history is about to be made.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two: 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To

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