More Movies Like Looper Please!

January 4, 2013 at 9:12 am

More Movies Like Looper Please! | Looper Review 2012


I loved Looper.  End of review.

Science fiction fans have been blessed with so many gigantic movies over the years.  Yet movies like Looper come along and remind us that a smaller story with BIG ideas can be just as (if not more) effective.  From the opening gunshot, Looper sucks you into a world where time travel exists and is illegal.  Naturally, criminals take over the technology and use it to send people they want dead back in time where Loopers await guns drawn.

Every once in a while, a Looper is tasked with killing his/her future self.  Upon completion, they are given enough cash to live comfortably until they ‘catch up’ to their death.


The premise alone is fascinating but it’s the story writer/director Rian Johnson tells that fascinated me.  Joseph Gordon Levitt must close his loop but fails to do so.  With his life on the line he has to find his older self (Bruce Willis) before his angry bosses kill them both.  I was hooked already but THEN we learn about The Rainmaker and his destructive capability in the future.  The stakes are set and the film turns into a fantastic look into two very different purposes carried out by the same person.

On one hand, you have a young Looper who wants nothing more than to make things right and live his own life.

On the other, you have an older, vengeful man who is willing to do whatever it takes so save the love of his life.  Even if it means murdering a child who will one day become The Rainmaker.

It’s truly fascinating to watch Johnson dissect the same person twice and you find yourself rooting for and against both of them.  It’s that contrast that elevates Looper from good to great.  I love ‘little’ science fiction movies like Looper.  It’s amazing how interesting time travel can be even after so many films dealing with the subject out there.  There is always another fresh take and Looper is one of the best to come along in a long time.


Did I mention I loved Looper?  One of the biggest reasons why was the director’s choice to set the majority of the film in and around farm land.  What a fantastic way to use a film’s setting to ramp up the originality of the piece.  I love that we are presented a world where time travel exists yet lengthy sequences take place surrounded by wheat crops.  It’s remarkable how much a movie can change depending on the locations you choose.  As a screenwriter, I found that aspect of Looper absolutely inspiring.

It’s a fantastic movie that I sincerely regret missing when it was released in theaters but that won’t stop me from enjoying it again and again…  In the future.

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