Movie Hype: The Legend Of INCEPTION

August 10, 2010 at 9:07 am

Inception Poster Christopher Nolan 2010

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Very rarely does an original film come along like Inception. The last one I can remember was The Matrix.  These types of movies are ‘game-changers’.  Films that change the way we look at movies and raise our expectations for future releases.  Stories that challenge your mind while still providing blockbuster entertainment are the reason we love movies.  It’s impossible not to be excited about Inception.

Christopher Nolan is once again pushing the boundaries of technology and storytelling to a height we’ve never seen.  Many people once asked if he would ever top The Dark Knight.  Inception could very well be that masterpiece.

Nolan’s films are legendary for generating enormous amounts of hype and then delivering on that promise. It’s rare these days that an extremely creative film is partnered with an equally impressive advertising and promotional campaign.

It’s inspiring to see how these movies are packaged and presented to the public.  Trailers, advertisements, websites, TV spots and more give us glimpses into a mysterious story that we simply HAVE to see.

Everyone wants to know what Inception is?

Why are we so interested in Inception?


At first, only die hard film fans knew about Nolan’s next top secret project.  In the early stages all we knew was the title and that it was a thriller involving the mind.  Huh?

Whenever a brilliant director talks about tackling a passion project you have to take notice.  Sheer curiosity alone puts this movie on most people’s radars.  That’s before you mention the man directed The Dark Knight, Memento, The Prestige and Batman Begins. (All incredible movies.)

The hype machine slowly grew as little, yet perfectly timed, details came into focus.  With each new detail came new questions.

Just what is Nolan and that impressive cast and crew up to?


Creating a good trailer is an art form. Most trailers these days give way too much away.  Credit has to be given to the filmmakers for having enough confidence in their film to avoid this pitfall.  Show just enough to get people talking.

The first teaser trailer did just that.

After watching that trailer I still didn’t know what the movie was about yet I desperately wanted more.  To quote the best villain to ever grace the silver screen:

“It’s all part of the plan”

Next came two incredible trailers that showed off some of the action and more of the mysterious plot.

This is how you promote a movie.  I love how they handled these trailers.  Even the TV spots are amazing.  It’s fascinating to watch them and try to figure out what Inception will be in the end.

That’s the point!

This is why movies inspire me.  There’s nothing like being excited to see a movie.  Much like The Dark Knight, this promotional campaign etches itself into popular culture.  Everyone is talking about that weird movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and the girl from Juno.

Artwork, Posters and Ads

Are you kidding me with these advertisements? First off, I agree it takes a ton of cash to pull off images like this but all the cash in the world doesn’t inspire creativity.  It simply provides the freedom to dream big and pull it off.

Inception movie advert

Inception Movie

I’m still in awe of the images these artists created to promote the film.  I can’t get enough.

The amount of marketing dollars that went into this film is insane.  I like to think that these types of ads coupled with early screenings for critics means the studio has enormous confidence in the film.

It’s been a blast to follow.


Pretty much anyone who loves going to the movies is at the very least intrigued by Inception.  How can you ignore it?

I wish each and every weekend saw the release of a movie of this caliber.  That is a world I would like to live in.

Inception has received tremendous praise from critics and looks to be another monster hit.  I’m not surprised.  Generating this amount of hype and delivering an amazing film is what makes filmmakers legendary. This amount of buzz is normally reserved for big budget franchises and sequels.

What makes this summer unique is it’s crown jewel is an original story from one of the most talented directors of this generation.

Christopher Nolan is a genius.

I’m almost sad that once I see it, I won’t know what to look forward to next.  Actually, I’ll probably see it more than once.

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