Movies That Changed Everything: The Matrix

July 30, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Movies That Changed Everything

I’m an aspiring filmmaker.  Like every filmmaker out there, I have a lengthy list of films that have inspired me along the way.  This series will examine twelve of the films that changed the way I looked at movies forever.  Films that have greatly influenced the filmmaker I hope to become someday…

The Matrix

Movies That Changed Everything The Matrix

The Matrix changed the way we looked at action movies forever. It dared to be intelligent while pushing the boundaries of technology and reality.

I missed The Matrix in theaters and I’ve regretted it ever since. The first time I saw it, I was with a group of friends and everyone kept talking.  You really have to pay attention when you’re watching it the first time.

“What the hell is going on?”

“Is anyone paying attention?”

Finally, we stopped the movie and rewound (yes rewound) it.

This time we paid attention.  I’ll never look at movies the same way again.

What is The Matrix?

“Unfortunately no one can be told what The Matrix is…  You have to see it for yourself.”

The Matrix is one of those movies that raised the bar when it came to action films. The filmmakers literally invented new techniques and visual effects that blew everyone away.

What stuck with me was how these new toys weren’t used simply because they were available.  The Wachowski Brothers used them to enhance their story.

And what a story it was!

When the film was finished, we all sat around talking about what we just saw.  We went back to watch some of the final scenes again and eventually watched the entire film again that night.

“I’ve never seen that before.”

The Matrix stuck with me because of it’s originality. It had so much depth and imagination.  With such a complicated premise it had to be difficult to pull off but they did it so effortlessly.  I have enormous respect for filmmakers who take risks and put it all on the line for an original idea.

I particularly love movies that you HAVE to watch more than once. Movies that demand you give them your full attention so you can immerse yourself in that world.  Films that achieve that kind of connection are rare but The Matrix is definitely one of them.

“It’s almost a miracle that it got made.”

That’s a quote from Laurence Fishburne from The Matrix Revisited.  In it they discuss how ambitious the script was and how difficult it was to get everyone on board.

It must have been challenging to explain the story but The Wachowski’s stuck to their guns and the risk paid off.  I wish studios would take more risks.

Inception is a good example of successful risk taking.

Movies That Changed Everything The Matrix

The Matrix is an incredible accomplishment.

So many films have imitated the film’s style and effects.  For me, The Matrix triggered an obsession with following the development of movies.

I had no idea it was coming out and even then I didn’t try hard enough to see it in theaters.  That became unacceptable and I vowed never to miss an event like The Matrix again.

These days, I’m at least aware of most main stream movies being released.  I spend an hour every day surfing movie news sites looking for information on my most anticipated movies.

The entire Matrix series is a huge success because they dare to be different.  They redefined what a ‘cool’ movie was and I still get excited whenever I go back and relive that amazing story.

The Matrix is definitely a film that changed everything.

Movies That Changed Everything