Movies That Scarred Me For Life: My Life

August 5, 2011 at 8:06 am

Movies That Scarred Me For Life: My Life | Movie Blog

Movies that scarred me for life is all about the movies that keep you up at night. The horrors you just can’t seem to get out of your head. But beyond the monsters, ghosts, slashers and aliens, there are also the cringe worthy films you wish you never saw. Movies that made you wish you had the lost two hours of your life back. There are tons of ways a movie can scar you for life. This series will look at 12 of my personal favorites.

My Life

movies that scarred me for life: My Life

I once wrote about My Life as part of my Rainy Sundays series.  It really is a great movie to enjoy on a lazy day.  However, from the moment I decide to watch this film, I get anxious.  I’m nervous because I know once the movie is over, I’ll get caught examining my own life and what’s important to me.

After certain viewings, especially when I’m already sad, it can be pretty tough to imagine going through cancer.  Michael Keaton’s ‘Bob Jones’ embarks on a very real journey and it affects me every single time I see it.  It’s strange but the feeling I get when I watch My Life is an overwhelming sense of haste.  I feel like I have to rush out and do everything I can.  In a certain sense, this is actually encouraging because the movie serves as a reminder to cherish everything you love.

The down side is when I start thinking about the people I’ve lost and those I’m afraid to lose.  This is a very real thought process that EVERYONE has and most are afraid to face.  Having a movie ignite those thoughts is usually a ticket to the bottom shelf but I try to watch it at least once every few years.  Dealing with loss isn’t easy and nobody wants to address the topic voluntarily.

For the readers who haven’t seen the film yet My Life is about a man who is diagnosed with cancer and may not live to see the birth of his child.  The film is not only about dealing with cancer but also closure, family and love.

My Life makes me sad for all the wrong reasons but in exactly the right way.  I’m no different than anyone.  I’m afraid to talk about loss and it’s even worse when I watch the movie by myself.  The rest of my day is usually a write off because I get caught in that lethargic trance that I’d normally do anything to avoid.

Watching a movie that makes you sad on purpose can be a great way to bring out the issues you’re afraid to deal with.  My Life is one of the best but I hate feeling sad.  Watching it becomes a tug of war between an entertaining and thought provoking movie and an examination of how I live my own life.

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