Movies That Scarred Me For Life: The Complete 12 Part Series

October 25, 2011 at 6:09 am

Movies That Scarred Me For Life: The Complete Series | Movie Blog

I don’t think there is a movie fan on the planet that doesn’t have a list like this. Movies that scarred you for life. Most people immediately think of the horror movies that kept them up at night. I’m sure statistically, horror movies make up 90% of the films that send chills up your spine when you think about them. This series was always about more than just horror films. Even Disney movies can have a lasting affect on you for all the wrong reasons. Beyond that, there are also the movies that absolutely disappoint you so much that you can’t bare to watch them again. Movies that literally anger you because you expected so much more.

Combined, this series looked at everything from Spiders to bad sequels.

Check out the entire ‘Movies That Scarred Me For Life’ Series below and be sure to comment. What movies have haunted you?

The Prologue: Polkaroo is scary too!

Black Robe


My Life

Event Horizon

Ernest Scared Stupid

Paranormal Activity

Dumb & Dumberer




The Little Mermaid

The Human Centipede

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