Movies vs Films

February 16, 2010 at 11:50 am

What kind of film fan are you?

I have a theory…
Here’s my theory:

When you wait in line for an hour to check out the latest summer blockbuster, you’re in line to watch a movie.  On the flip side are the films that you would catch during Oscar season. I bring it up because I think people must ask themselves a simple question before deciding which flick to watch.

Do I want to watch a movie or a film?

There is a difference. The films you might see at festivals are vastly different than the movies you watch in theaters.  The following statement is true:

“I thought the characters were fully realized in that movie.”

However, the better word here is film. It just sounds better.  Likewise, stand outside a theater in July and you won’t hear too many people screaming:

“I loved that film!”

It’s a movie.  They are action movies not action films.

Personally, I think it’s a great way to think about the movies/films we love.

What Kind Of Movie Fan Are You?

I’ve always had a soft spot for movies. Somedays, I just want to witness gigantic explosions and hilarious one-liners.  Days when I want to see action adventures, high concept comedies, thrillers, horror etc…

There are still days when I feel like watching films. I love good stories full of drama, love and truly powerful characters. I love the sprawling epics, the incredible true stories and the thought provoking tales that resonate with you forever.

My 17 West business partner Eric and I have had this conversation numerous times.  He has a film collection.  I have a movie collection.  We both cross the line every now and then.  I own some films and he owns some movies but what I find interesting is trying to understand and define the difference between the two.

Why can’t there be gripping dramas with gigantic explosions or aliens?  How come many horror movies include characters that are only meant to be gruesome victims and nothing more?  Can’t they be relatable as well? Can you ground an action movie in reality?  The answer to those questions is yes. (Thank you Dark Knight!)  These balanced productions can be full of heart but can also be packed with heart pounding excitement. I love them most of all.

When I look at my DVD collection I see a mix of movies and films.  While there are twice as many movies than films, it’s the shelf that houses my favorites that I revisit the most.  The shelf that’s full of movie/film hybrids that I have come to love over the years.  A shelf that serves as inspiration for the flicks I want to produce someday soon.