Paperman & The Inspirational Animations We Adore

February 5, 2013 at 11:27 pm

Paperman & The Inspirational Animations We Adore


We all have favorites.  Whether they are short films or full length features, we’ve all been captivated by animation.  I often think about the animations that inspired me as a child and how I still hold those films close to my heart today.  I love animation.  I regularly search the web looking for new animated short films.  I’ve actually featured some of these discoveries in nearly every edition of The Post I’ve ever published.

It was my dream growing up to create cartoons but my path deviated when it became painfully obvious I couldn’t draw.  Still, I’m fascinated by the process and inspired by the limitless possibilities animators have at their disposal.  I’ve always been jealous of people that can draw.  I’ve written about it many times.

XTRA | Confessions of a Wannabe Animator

In a way, I have to thank animation for leading me to screenwriting.  I may not be able to draw anything my mind comes up with but I can certainly describe it.  Perhaps someday I’ll write something worthy of a talented artist’s time and dedication.  Until then, I will always have the classic cartoons I adore and new cartoons that continually inspire.

Recently, Disney released it’s groundbreaking and Oscar nominated short film Paperman online.  I missed Wreck-It Ralph in theaters and never got a chance to see it.  If you still haven’t checked it out I recommend hitting play immediately:

This touching short film is a testament to how far technology has come but also a reminder of where it all began.

3D animation has given us some of the best animated films of all time but there are some who still love the nuance of hand drawn 2D work.  Paperman blends both of these techniques to create something incredibly unique and new.  In my opinion, Paperman is visually spectacular and features characters we can all relate too.  The jealousy is taking over again…

XTRA | Be sure to check out the Paperman featurettes I embedded below.

Paperman & The Inspirational Animations We Adore

The second Paperman began I was brought back to my favorite era of Disney Animation.  Way back when they were steadily releasing classics from like The Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, Alladin, The Little Mermaid and more… It was a golden age because I was still able to watch legendary films like Snow White, Cinderella, Dumbo and my personal favorite: Peter Pan.

There is still a shelf back home that houses each and every one of those films on VHS. They are situated next to some of the best non Disney animated films I’ve ever seen.  Movies like All Dogs Go To Heaven & The Last Unicorn.  I’ll never sell those movies even though I no longer own a VCR.  They mean too much to me.  Also featured on my magical animation shelf are collections of animated short films featuring characters we all know and love:

I can’t believe some of the animated films I love are over 70 years old!  Here we are, decades later and the medium is just as important and influential.  I think back fondly on all the cartoons I grew up with and still love today.  Now a new generation of children will grow up and look back on so many years of great stories.

Paperman was brilliant but beyond that, it brought me back to my childhood when 2D animation reigned supreme.  When I discovered new and colorful worlds and characters that I’ll cherish forever.  When a movie can do that, it’s hard not to love it.



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