Paranormal Activity 3, Teddy Ruxpin & the Theater Experience

October 23, 2011 at 12:32 am

The People vs George Lucas vs Me


The first Paranormal Activity was easily one of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had.  Every single soul in that packed theater was at the edge of their seat and everyone jumped at the same time.  Because of that amazing crowd, the film became my favorite of 2009.

Paranormal Activity 3, Teddy Ruxpin & the Theater Experience | Paranormal Activity 3 Review

I think it was a little too much to ask for a similar experience last year when the sequel/prequel was released.  The film itself was just as frightening and entertaining as the first but the experience was lacking because of several jerks sitting nearby.  A few ignorant idiots managed to ruin just about every good moment with their pointless commentary.

Paranormal Activity 3, Teddy Ruxpin & the Theater Experience | Paranormal Activity 3 Review

When we were planning our trip to the theater to see Paranormal Activity 3, we decided that Cineplex Ultra AVX was the way to go.  We got to pick our seats, there is plenty of leg room and we figured, the higher price might scare off the losers who deserve a smack for talking during movies.

Sadly, repeating the amazing experience I had watching the first wasn’t meant to be.

Paranormal Activity 3, Teddy Ruxpin & the Theater Experience | Paranormal Activity 3 Review

On our left, an oblivious couple who talked without being courteous enough to at least whisper. In addition to their conversations, the man had several nervous ticks and never stopped moving while making odd ‘fart’ sounds at random.  On our right, next to me, there was two girls who encapsulated the very essence of a ‘sense of entitlement’. I knew I was in trouble when they arrived.  One of them gave me a completely unnecessary dirty look as I moved my jacket from ‘her’ seat.  That’s when they sat down and immediately began checking their phones and gossiping about people I don’t care about.

Still, I was willing to ignore their constant chatter once the film started but their narration and obvious remarks quickly became unbearable.  And then the man to our left twitched and ‘farted’ again.  Weak audience…  weak.


Note: If you enjoy moments from this trailer I’m sorry to report that virtually non of them made into the final film.

Regardless of the distractions, I still managed to enjoy the film because Paranormal Activity 3 was definitely created for and dedicated to fans of the first two.  It’s just as suspenseful and fun as one could hope for and expands on the back story we’ve been curious about since Katie got dragged out of her bed two years ago.

Along the way, the film also managed to completely ruin Teddy Ruxpin for me.  I had so many fond memories of Teddy, Newton & Grubby and their adventures in Grundo.  There is one random shot of a Teddy Ruxpin doll that will probably give me nightmares at some point.  It could be tonight or it could be 27 years from now but it’s going to happen…

Paranormal Activity 3, Teddy Ruxpin and the theater experience | Paranormal Activity 3 review

Teddy… Ruxpin…

The third film has some of the best scares of the entire series and I couldn’t have asked for much more than that.  The fun of these movies is the tension created while you wait for something to move or jump out at you.  Although, the experience is ruined when you have people all around you wondering the same things out loud…  The whole time!

The final 15 minutes were promoted as the craziest in the whole series.  It’s definitely intense but I didn’t think it beat the finale of the Paranormal 2.  It’s freaky as hell and adds to the mythology of the series but I think it was built up too much.


During the ending, the chatter got worse and worse until I finally said something to the girls on my right.

“Seriously, can you at least whisper please?”

I figured that was a perfectly reasonable request on my part.  I was polite with only subtle hints of sarcasm.  The response I got was completely uncalled for.  Before I could even finish the word ‘please’ the bitch jumped all over me.

“Shut up, if you wanted to see the movie in a quiet place then you should have waited until it came out on video and rented it.  Everyone is talking.”

We went back and forth for a bit but the ending was intense enough to snatch our attention again.  When the movie was over, I couldn’t stop thinking about two things.

  1. Who are you to go to a theater, talk the entire time and then justify your actions because other people are talking?  Who cares if other people are talking they are jerks too!  How does that give you an excuse to ruin the film for my group of friends?  Who is that ignorant?
  2. Renting movies isn’t the same anymore…   I miss Blockbuster.

I love the Paranormal Activity series but my fiance brought up a great point when we were on our way home.  People talk when they are nervous and scary movies make people nervous.  It’s a defense mechanism to hide the fact that they are terrified.  That and packed theaters on opening weekend are always full of people who don’t care about the theater experience.  The people that talk during movies are there because it’s a night out not because they love films.  And so it pains me to admit that I came to a sad realization that night.

I will never see another Paranormal Activity film in theaters. 

Paranormal Activity 3, Teddy Ruxpin & the Theater Experience | Paranormal Activity 3 Review

It’s not worth it.  People know what to expect now and they will never stop talking.  If there is a fourth film, I will regrettably wait until it is released on video and watch it in the comfort of my own home.  To be honest, I’m actually looking forward to it as it’s a completely different experience.

For those of you looking to see it in theaters regardless, I wish you all the best in your search for that elusive audience that makes these movies fun to watch.  I’ve been cheated out of that experience for two straight years and I’m bitter about it now.

However, I’m in a tough place because Paranormal Activity 3 is a fun movie with tons of scares and amazing moments.  (I’m a huge fan of the ‘Fan Cam’)  So I’m still going to recommend you see it as soon as possible before those same jerks that talk in movies ruin it for you at work…

They have to be the same people right? Have some respect for movies idiots!

Good luck on your search for the perfect theater experience.  At the end of the day, that’s the main reason why Paranormal Activity 3 isn’t the best in the series.  The original remains the champ.

PS: I’m also officially frightened of packs of united elderly women…

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