Previously Viewed: Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen

December 28, 2010 at 9:10 pm

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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen…

I adored the first Transformers.  It was full of action, incredible visuals and all the popcorn eye candy you can handle.

The sequel seemed like a sure thing for so long…

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The other day, while I was wrapping gifts, I was scrolling through the movies On Demand and came across Transformers 2.  I decided to give it another shot.  After all, I hadn’t seen it since the huge let down in theaters long ago.

I figured it would just be noise in the background while I plowed through the stack of boxes I had to wrap.

Something strange happened that day…

I found myself getting farther and farther behind in my wrapping paper adventures.

Was I enjoying the film?

I wouldn’t go that far but for some reason I didn’t have that same overwhelming sense of disappointment.

Then it hit me.

I didn’t have the same overwhelmingly high expectations.  I went into the second film expecting to be blown away again.  Yet I was so distracted by it’s flaws that I failed to at least try to appreciate what Michael Bay intended to accomplish.

  • Sure the Twins are completely useless. (Why not Ironhide and Wratchet?)
  • Of course the human/robot/hot girl had no business in the movie.
  • Of course the exposition was dumb and the main villain ridiculous.
  • There was no tension, no character, poor humor and worse pacing.

But like it or not, I’m still a fan of visual effects and action sequences.  I still love a good action movie.

When the story and characters are lacking it doesn’t pack the same punch but a movie can still be entertaining even if it’s only a few scenes.

I thought the opening was fun.

I thought the forest scene was the best fight in the movie.

Regardless of the big metal stupid balls, Devastator’s transformation and the destruction he caused blew me away.

Eye candy at it’s finest.

At the end of the day, even Michael Bay admits that Transformers 2 dropped the ball. (Pun intended)  I think that the studio pressured them to go with what they had as a result of the strike and they didn’t have enough time to fine tune the story.

I think had they had the time to simplify things, a lot of the problems would have disappeared and the action would have risen above what The Fallen ultimately became…

A dud.