Rainy Sundays: Ninja Turtles

January 3, 2010 at 11:27 am

Happy New Year!

I sat in front of my DVD collection this morning to find an inspired pick for the first Rainy Sunday post of 2010.  Nothing was jumping out at me.  So I turned and wheeled my chair over to a dresser on the opposite side of my office.  This dresser is extremely important as it houses my old VHS collection.

Sometimes, you have to look to another source for inspiration.

I ‘eenee meenee mynee moed’ the four drawers and slowly, I opened the winner.  Almost immediately, I saw the cover for the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and the decision was made.

2010’s first Rainy Sunday post is TMNT!

This isn’t my first post on TMNT.  Those of you who follow my blog probably remember my dark confession about how Ninja Turtles made me cry.  There is a strong reason for that and I hope kids today have the same connection to their toys.  Unless it’s just me…  In which case, I still don’t feel bad because I love (present tense) Ninja Turtles.

I used to spread out all of my action figures and create a giant story that would last for hours pitting Raf, Mikey, Donny and Leo against impossible odds.  From a storytelling point of view, you learn at a young age that stories aren’t as interesting without obstacles.  We all did it growing up. Your heroes would finally reach their goal only to find themselves face to face with an enemy they thought was dead all along.  Or one of the Turtles would turn on his brothers to unite with his real father… Bebop…

I have a confession to make…  I would never make a Turtle turn on his brothers.  No way would the Bebop story line fly.

Still we all made up stories that would span days and many of us would return to the same tales to fine tune and adjust.

Back in those days, our imaginations ruled.  It’s a kid’s version of writing a first draft and then rewriting it to perfection. I’d like to say that I miss those days but I still let my imagination run wild every day.  (Note: The previous sentence refers to writing and not playing with action figures.  Although, I do have a box of Ninja Turtles in storage… )

Now imagine having that much history playing with the toys and then getting to see a live action movie based on your beloved action figures.  It could have been the worst movie of all time and I still would have adored it.  Some may disagree but I still enjoy watching the entire trilogy of Ninja Turtle films on Rainy Sundays here and there.  Every single time, I’m taken back to a time when sitting on the floor surrounded by toys was beyond fun.

Yesterday’s version of a productive day.

If you haven’t gone back yet, I highly recommend revisiting the sewers of New York City.  While you’re watching it, dig out some old toys.  It’s pretty much outstanding.

PS: Is that how you spell ‘eenee meenee mynee mo’?