Should The Avengers Get An Oscar Nomination? Could The Dark Knight Rises?

May 23, 2012 at 8:43 am

Should The Avengers Get An Oscar Nomination?


Movies vs Films…  I like to think my taste in movies falls somewhere in between.  So while I LOVE the summer movie season, I’m also a big fan of the dramas that regularly populate the awards season each year.

I’ve seen The Avengers three times.  I love that movie.  Critics love that movie.  Audiences around the world love that movie.  But… Is Marvel’s The Avengers an Oscar contender?

The most fun I’ve ever had watching the Oscars was the year Return of the King dominated.  I felt like I was cheering for the Blue Jays. (My favorite sports team.)  Eleven times they announced that fantasy ruled the cinematic world that year.  I was filled with a sense of pride.  It’s fun to cheer on the movies you love.

On the other hand, sometimes your favorites aren’t even nominated.  The Dark Knight did NOT receive a best picture nod which was incredibly frustrating for me.  Realistically, I didn’t expect it to win but I felt that Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece deserved at least a nomination.  Thankfully, the Academy did recognize Heath Ledger’s legendary performance as The Joker.

Should The Avengers Get An Oscar Nomination?

With Gladiator being a notable exception, there haven’t been many summer action movies in contention come awards season.  I suppose Avatar kind of fits the bill but it was released in December.  Still, the landscape has changed a lot since Peter Jackson received the night’s final and most prestigious award.

With Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise leading the way, superhero movies have evolved immensely.  It’s a series of films that made all of us believe comic book movies can be Oscar contenders.  Perhaps it’s time the Academy took notice of the blockbuster entertainment being served in the Summer months.

Want to spice up the Oscar broadcast?  Stick a summer horse in the race if it deserves it.  What’s the worst that could happen?

Having said that, before that plan can work, the movies must deliver.  For every Dark Knight there is a Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen after all.

Should The Avengers Get An Oscar Nomination?


First and foremost, The Avengers delivered on impossibly huge expectations.  It was a FUN movie.  Marvel’s universe collided on the big screen and crushed box office records in the process.  To say that Joss Whedon’s film is an overwhelming success is an understatement.  90%+ on Rotten Tomatoes from the critics and the fans and over billion dollars grossed and counting.

The Avengers is a movie that nearly everyone seemed to love.  That’s an award worthy movie in my books.  Again I stress I don’t think it would win but a little comic book love is overdue isn’t it?

To me, the brains behind The Avengers deserve an Oscar nomination JUST for pulling it off.  Merging 4 larger than life heroes into one movie that delivers is an achievement worth recognizing.  Not only that, the seamless blend of action, character and humor was so much fun to watch…  Three times.

Of course, two summer movies sneaking in would be a bit farfetched.  But what if? What if TDKR and The Avengers are deserving?

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It’ll be interesting to see the results after The Dark Knight Rises launches this July.  Will Christopher Nolan’s Gotham enjoy the same fate as Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth?  Part of me thinks The Dark Knight Rises may prevent The Avengers from getting a nomination.  Is this a year we see not one but two comic book movies honored on Oscar night?

…  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

For now, The Avengers will continue tearing up screens around the world.  I’m already looking forward to adding the blu ray to my collection.  I’m thankful The Avengers exists especially after such a long wait to finally see it.  It exceeded my expectations and will most definitely appear on my Top 5 movies of 2012.

But will it be in the Top 5-10 come Oscar time?  I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t but wouldn’t it be cool if it was?

Should The Avengers Get An Oscar Nomination?