Skyfall, James Bond & The Characters We Love

November 19, 2012 at 8:15 am

Skyfall, James Bond & The Characters We Love


Casino Royale is one of my favorite movies period.  James Bond was back and better than ever.  That movie also introduced us to a super secret organization that operated with complete anonymity.  Quantum of Solace further explored the group known as Quantum as James Bond tried to discover more information about the sinister organization.  In my opinion, Quantum of Solace movie forgot to be a James Bond movie.  Thankfully, Skyfall came along to remind us just how much we love 007.

Honestly, Skyfall felt more like a reboot than Casino Royale.  It featured so many classic references and major characters that were absent from the first two adventures.  Indeed, Sam Mendes delivered a worthy sequel that earns it’s thrills from the opening frame.

“007 reporting for duty”

I saw Skyfall in an IMAX theater and it was worth it for the opening chase alone.  Where else will you find a secret agent pursuing a target on foot, in a car, on a motorcycle, on rooftops with the aforementioned motorcycle, in a bulldozer, in a train AND on top of the train?

Legendary movie characters are a sum of the the little details we love about them & Skyfall delivers the details we’ve been missing.  Thanks to Q (Welcome back!) Bond gets his hands on a custom made Walther PPK.  A personal statement topped only by the beautiful Aston Martin he keeps in storage.  Daniel Craig is brilliant here as the titular spy and feels more like Bond than ever before.

Beyond the elements we missed there are also plenty of references to classic Bond moments we’ll never forget.  I loved Q’s quip about the exploding pen.  Not too mention including the classic James Bond score.

However, what I loved the most about Skyfall was Skyfall itself.  Home.  The film’s final act is full of intimate moments and reminders of James’ childhood.  It’s a side of Bond you rarely see and it elevated the final action sequence to legendary status in the vast 007 universe.

Of course, you can’t get to that level without a worthy foe.  Here Javier Bardem silences anyone who felt his brilliance in No Country for Old Men was a one off.  Silva is ruthless, complicated, charismatic & destructive.  But in his eyes there is also sorrow.  A sadness that ignites a thirst for revenge.  It takes a long time to meet him in the film but once he appears, he steals the show.  The entire sequence on the deserted island was awesome but it got better.  While sitting in a prison cell that looks like it was built for the Hulk, Silva confronts M and pours his heart out.  We are also given a brutal back story revealing a horrifying physical flaw so common amongst Bond villains.  Scars, teeth, eyes that weep blood…  These are the subtle details that Quantum of Solace forgot about.

Skyfall, James Bond & The Characters We Love | Skyfall Review (2012)

Never before has a Bond villain’s vendetta felt so personal.  Silva isn’t out to take over the world.  He makes that perfectly clear when he demonstrates how easy it would be for him.  What he’s after is a much simpler & that’s what makes him dangerous.  He’s willing to send armies complimented by armored helicopters to achieve the revenge he craves.  Unless James Bond can stop him.

Skyfall is Bond’s return to brilliance.

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Skyfall, James Bond & The Characters We Love | Skyfall Review (2012)

Skyfall, James Bond & The Characters We Love | Skyfall Review (2012)