Star Wars Episode VII: J.J Abrams Round Up

January 25, 2013 at 8:10 am

Star Wars Episode VII: J.J Abrams Round Up

This is the second part in my Star Wars Episode VII Round Up Series.  It’s still hard to believe that a brand new Star Wars movie is on the way.  When Disney first made the announcement, I did what any Star Wars geek would do.  I searched online for every tidbit of information I could find.

The result was my Star Wars Episode VII Story Round Up.  Over 25 fantastic articles and videos from around the web.  Those articles are packed with story speculation, screenplay news, casting rumors and short lists for directors.  Which brings us to today’s round up.  J.J Abrams is officially directing Star Wars Episode VII!

XTRA | The Number 1 Reason Why J.J Abrams is Perfect For Star Wars

He was at the top of many wish lists to take the helm.  I think it’s a perfect fit even though he’s already directed two Star Trek movies.  The Master Franchise Builder has a new project and it’s the biggest of them all.  Bringing Star Wars back to the big screen.

Once again, I scoured the web looking for analysis and breakdowns once the news broke.  Here are some of the best I came across:

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Do you think Star Wars is in good hands?