Thankfully, I Saw The Green Hornet For Free…

January 14, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Thankfully, I Saw The Green Hornet For Free... | Movie Blog | The Green Hornet Review

Wouldn’t it be awesome if The Green Hornet delivered?

Click the link to read all about my high hopes that an amazing superhero movie is possible in January.

Honestly, I think Seth Rogen’s comic book adaptation wasn’t nearly as terrible as many seemed to think.  There was a ton of negative buzz from the second they announced this project was moving forward.

Lets get one thing straight:  It doesn’t suck.

First and foremost, I think Seth does a pretty great job as The Green Hornet. I bought it.  Honestly, I don’t really know much about the characters but in my opinion, this is Kato’s movie.  Jay Chou is pretty fantastic in the film and is pretty much responsible for carrying all the action scenes.

I’ll can’t get enough slow motion fight sequences.  I love them.  Action is the number one reason why I went to see the film in the first place.

While the movie did have a ton of fights including some fantastic car chases with guns blazing, I did have some major problems with the film…

Good thing it didn’t cost me anything.

Thanks to my Scene card, I was able to use my points to score a ticket for nothing.  Nothing like a free matinee show on a Friday afternoon right?

I felt bad for the film immediately as there were probably about 4 people in the theater.  FOUR!

Empty Theater The Green Hornet Review

I don’t want to appear to be too hard on the movie.  I’ve said many times that I try to enjoy every movie for what the filmmakers intended it to be.  In this case, they wanted it to be a good old fashioned comic book action movie.  If you go in expecting The Dark Knight, you’ll be disappointed.

It’s meant to be a fun movie and it succeeds admirably.

To me, it failed on two major points.

The Villain sucked

Chudnofsky was dead in the water from the very first moment he appeared on screen.  Christoph Waltz does an okay job (at least it’s not Nicholas Cage with a Jamaican accent) but I’m not sure they ever fully decided who Chudnofsky is.

He spends most of the movie whining about whether or not people find him scary.  I didn’t get it?  He rules L.A yet he feels threatened by any criminal who steps on his turf.

I’m not even going to get into the scene where he declares himself ‘Blood-nofsky’.  I wanted to laugh.  There’s no way he’s serious right?

Woops… Oh no…  He’s wearing an ‘intimidating’ gas mask…

When you don’t buy the villain, it doesn’t matter how cool the hero is.

But I suppose I didn’t ‘buy’ anything in this case.

Kato and The Green Hornet Fight Over A Girl

Okay, this one is essentially more of an annoyance.  Why do partners always have to fight over a girl?

I understand it’s necessary sometimes but my problem is how forced their fight was.  All of the sudden The Green Hornet becomes a raging jealous ass for basically no reason other than to .  Sure Kato doesn’t help by antagonizing him but in the end, nobody gets the girl and they fought for nothing.

Best friends.  Brothers even completely forget everything and start throwing each other through windows like it’s a drug deal gone wrong. (Which inflict no damage at all.)

A minor gripe but I was happier when that ‘episode’ was over.

In the end, The Green Hornet gives you exactly what you paid for.  A pretty entertaining and sometimes funny action film with some cool stunts and a lot of bullets.

You can’t really ask for much more than that in the middle of January.

Especially if it’s free!