The Bottom 3: 2010’s Worst Movies

December 30, 2010 at 9:06 am

The Bottom 3: 2010's Worst Movies The Athletic Nerd Movie Blog

2009’s Worst Movies were pretty bad but I think 2 of them made the list because of my impossibly high hopes that they would deliver.

They didn’t and I was extremely disappointed.

This year’s list is different.  This year’s list is all about movies I just didn’t like.  Forget high hopes and hype, they stunk.  These are the 3 movies that left me wishing I had seen something else.

The 3 Worst Movies of 2010

What’s sad is one of them involves one of my favorite directors, another attempted to revive a beloved Disney classic and the other starred two of my favorite actors…

What happened? Why did they disappoint?

Read on…

#3 Alice In Wonderland

alice-in-wonderland-screenshot-hole The Bottom 3: 2010's Worst Movies

It saddens me that I had to include Tim Burton’s film on this list.  I’m not a MASSIVE fan of his films but I do have enormous respect for his style and unique approach to film.  When it was announced that he would be adapting Alice In Wonderland I was thrilled.  It seemed like a perfect match.

The Disney animated film is a treasured part of my childhood.  I couldn’t wait to relive the magic.  But I knew that there was a chance I wouldn’t connect with a Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp or the ‘older’ Alice so I kept my expectations in check.

I left the theater stunned by how much I disliked the film.  The magic wasn’t there.

It felt like the story centered on the Mad Hatter due to Depp’s involvement and less on Alice and her adventures.  The queen wasn’t threatening at all.

The film went on to make a thousand million dollars so some people liked it.  I wish I did.

However, I did have an opportunity to hear Tim Burton speak a while back.  It was a fantastic experience that gave me new reasons to give the movie another shot…

You never know right?

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#2 The Last Airbender

The Bottom 3: 2010's Worst Movies Shyamalan

Towards the beginning of this film, a character named Katara narrates about Aang’s (The Airbender kid.) past like she has known him her entire life.  Then her character asks him what his name is.  But the ‘voice over’ version of that character already knew that.

Confused?  So was I…

Shyamalan is better than that.  Many people would argue that he never was that great but I will disagree forever.  He still remains one of my favorite directors.

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The Last Airbender was a mess both in it’s flawed direction and it’s blurry ‘don’t call this crap 3D’ visuals.

I didn’t know anything about the popular cartoon and I still don’t feel like I do.  I don’t think I ever will.

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#1 Dinner For Schmucks

2010 worst movies

This movie sucked.

How could they expect audiences to buy that premise?  Are corporate people doing this?  No!

Did anyone find this movie funny?  I found it frustrating.

Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are two of the funniest people on the planet and because of that alone, this movie has a few comic moments.

But nowhere near enough to save this disastrous comedy.  I hated it and I LOVE comedies!

2010’s worst movie was an easy pick this year.

Nothing else came close.

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Until next year!